Anglo Irish Bank annual report y/e 30 Sep 2008

As at the time of writing the annual report has not yet been issued.

Looking at previous years, their annual report is usually published in early December and it is now early February.
Note, at the time of writing this post the unaudited financial summary is still on the website. Will these figures be withdrawn in the light of the short term funding from ILP issue?

Did Ernst and Young discover the shenanigans that were going on with window-dressing of the year end balance sheet and refuse to sign off on the finanicial statements?
Is this the real reason (or one of the reasons) why this bank was nationalised?

Will Ernst and Young still be allowed to complete the audit or will the government appoint someone else?

Just some further questions to ponder.

Presumably, nationalised banks still have to issue accounts, but I am not sure if there is a legal precedent here.

Stock markets have rules about submitting half yearly & annual accounts. Quarterly reporting is required in the US.

Now that Anglo are no longer being traded on the SE, I’m not sure what their reporting obligations under company law are.

If they were this late filing their annual accounts they might have been threatened by the various SE’s with the suspension of their shares. But that’s not on the table anymore.

Well, it seems that the annual report will be published, and imminently:- … 37738.html