Anglo Irish chiefs facing share deals probe

Didn’t take them long, did it? The Brians must have been gnashing their teeth when they read this. These people are having a right laugh at our expense

Full story from the Indo here - … 88613.html

Welcome to today’s edition of the “Big Bonanza Banking Bailout Brainteaser” show…

first question for €400B …make a sentence from the following :

“Spots his doesn’t leopard a change”

I can see you’re stuck there - let me give you a few clues

“Fat Cat”…no ? How about “Greed” ?..still not coming to you ?.. hmmm
“Potential dodgy share dealing” ?

The rules of the forum forbid me from expressing what I really think of these fuckers.

Green Bear highlighted this on the 'pin when they bought - indicating that something was up.

Speaking of life in general…not any particular topic

"Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive,

Where is justice where is punishment"

This is taking the piss to a point beyond belief. We left these people in business with taxpayer guarantees. We put our countrys finances on the line for the banks. We put our childrens well being ar risk, our pensions, our taxes, the countrys reputation and most importantly of all the work of generations to create an educated productive workforce. Are these not the people who are at the root of the problem? Is this simply a game to them?

A governemt who tolerates this cannot be allowed to survive.

I feel sick

use it.

Not really once you engage your creative plugin :wink:

Mrs Ym says :laughing: too.

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The Country could have done with some Bertie Blockers!

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
Matthew 5:45

All this guarantee does is postpone the inevitable day of reckoning, there is no escape now and it is made worse because without our consent we are on the hook for up to €400 billion. So what if the banks fail?, new banks will arise to take their place, sure we will have dislocation and rioting, but we would not get stuck with a millstone around our necks that would have to be priced into all our economic actions making us even more uncompetitive.

The first step must be to line up an immediate replacement for the regulator Mr. Patrick Neary and board of the central bank with people from abroad who have experience liquidating banks and who will not grant any favours to the existing boards of the six banks covered by the guarantee in this country. All six banks must publicly confess their true exposure, and plans to liquidate bad debt, their true share price can then be valued by the market, with potential for foreign banks to come in and take them off our hands for what they are worth.

Until this banks debt is either written off or paid off, we cannot recover from this recession. The is what the Japanese did

Unlike Japan we can’t drop interest rates to 0% and print money, if we choose to drag this out we are going to end up back in the 1950s.

Investigate the heads of these banks particularly Denis Casey, Michael Fingleton & Brian Goggin and other CEO’s who retired in the last few years for reckless and fraudulent trading.

And Fitzpatrick.

and the EBS board including the ex-CEO Ted McGovern. … ance-bill/

Excellent blog MB. Absolutely excellent. You argued the for non-intervention brilliantly.

You will find that in times of panic, like this week, governments will say “that’s fine in theory but this was an emergency” …

As you said, you either subscribe to capitalism or you don’t. It appear the Irish government doesn’t.

Not very clever for our Seanie…

Speaking on the Marian Finucane RTÉ radio show yesterday morning, he said…
*“I knew lots of things were happening because we had discussions with the Central Bank, with the regulator and with the Department of Finance over the previous weeks…” *