Anglo-Irish Nominees Ltd

I’ve started the process of digging into Anglo companies, with this first one: … nk-part-1/

Does anyone remember the Atrium deal? It’s a very curious list of investors isn’t it? Denis O’Brien?

Fitzpatrick still appears to be a joint shareholder in Anglo-Irish Nominees Ltd, but nationalisation may have bumped him off.

Thoughts please.

I found the recent financial filing very interesting. What is remarkable is how many of the other directorships show up on this recent Statutory Instrument from the Minister…

So that means they were all owned by Anglo and are now all owned by the state.

Is that the Ansbacher I see on the list? Now there is the ultimate irony. The Irish taxpayers now own Ansbacher…


Seanies holding in the company is in a nominee capacity. He has no beneficial interest. The reason for the holding is that the company predated the legislation allowing single member companies which was only introduced in the 90s. You will note the accounts state that the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anglo.

As a nominee company, it holds the shares in Tysan Investments but it is not a wholly owned subsidiary as it is acting as a nominee.

Re Balcuik the accounts are linked below. Although the shares in the parent company are held by Anglo Nominees, the accounts disclose the beneficial interests of the directors but this only accounts for 40% of the ownership.

Gunne, Melly, O’Brien, McGann, Keane & Coulson each have 200 shares or 6.66% each. That leaves Lindat Limited (this is a Pat Doherty of Harcourt Developments company),Lar Bradshaw, Sean Fitzpatrick, Paddy Wright, Longstone Estates Limited and Lochlann Quinn divvying up the rest.

Anglo does have a charge over the 106M borrowings that Tysan has from them secured on its assets. It also has a seperate charge on the Balcuik property.


So Anglo Irish Bank is now an arm of state? Why not just merge them with the Dept of Finance and have done with it.

The Anglo HR guy or girl must have woken up one morning to find they had been transported to a parellel universe. I doubt if being a relevant authority for the purposes of the Ethics in Public Office legislation (whatever that actually means) is a standard part of training courses for HR managers.

I’ve researched that Ansbacher before. From what I can find, it has no relationship to the infamous Ansbacher, whatever. My research included newspaper trawls of the company from the 1960s onwards.

Does this mean Seanie has to make a declaration to SIPOC?

Thanks Grumpy, all help is appreciated. I am always open to correction. I have updated the blog post to reflect your input.

So the Atrium/Sandyford properties remain owned by Tysan, but it borrowed €106m from Anglo to buy the property? Is it Anglo or Bank of Scotland Ireland which has a charge on Balcuik>?

I don’t know what it all means, but the links between Anglo and NTR are very interesting.

As well as running the M50 consumer ripoff operation, NTR owned Airtricity, the green energy company.

Anglo seemed quite heavily involved in green energy … y42571.asp

Looks like Anglo & Co have been a “Green Bank” all along… :angry:

NTR are some dark outfit they are the true kings of corruption… country has been destructed in a most effective an insidious way. Money. No better agent of control.

I pointed out for years to people that NTR through the M50 money printing operation that they where buying up interests in all future “green companies” it was obvious it was on their website early 00’s. I marched as a young fella against their plans for a huge dump in D15. We closed down the M50 for a short period. Imagine doing that now :unamused: … en_economy


I can honestly say that expressing my true opinion in any public way as to how to deal with people like NTR and the Roches et al would most certainly result in a gaol sentence (for me that is).

Have always wondered whether statements like that are actionable :question: :smiley:

Very possible !!! Fuck em !!!