Anglo Irish staff will be educated on bogus deals

I really wish they would flush the fucking money down the toilet at this point,it would just save so much time and pointless spin…I mean whats the point??? really whats the point???

the pony has well and truly fucked off and he took the stable door with him…along with the stable,the yard,the farm and most of the parish.

Sounds to me like standard AML training as mandated per legislation. This is common to every financial institution in the western world. This is not a news story.

Does Ireland enforce penalties for breach of AML Legislation yet? I’m sure this investment will return multi-fold in the future if they do.

A guy I know had a job pulling beers at the bar of a sports ground. The holding company for the asset became distressed and it came under bank ownership. At the end of financial year the bank had to fully consolidate the asset (the bank had naming rights to the sports ground and also held the sub debt for the asset). The staff of the sports ground were deemed to be bank employees and they had to go on AML training! You can imagine how happy they were about that.