Anglo losses in colour

I know that it will be higher than €11 billion, but I will redo it when the figures come out:

Excelelnt, very graphic, it should be in the news papers.

LOL :smiley:

Nice. I rarely see € 100 notes so I need to imagine double the scale based on notes of € 50.

You should do it as a series of bigger and bigger holes or more and more graves.

Showing money makes it seem like Anglo actually had a business - whereas really it just dug a big hole for the rest of us.

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before?

I agree with doing it in fifties though. I never use 100’s.

Great visualization

The scale always defeats me - but the metaphor is more apt:

I think it’s a poor visualisation, people are simply not accustomed to evaluating money in pallet form.

A better representation is the one mentioned in the other thread - all the money spent on infrastructure since 1990. Alternatively you could use the number of BMWs that money would buy, the kind of house you could build for each citizen in the state or the number of days we could all take off.

Gimme a break guys, we have to start somewhere. It was a relatively easy visualisation to do… the ones you are seeking are better (believe me I’ve considered them), but are also far more complex.

Of course any help would be appreciated (stats)

wow, I can only imagine the terrifying consequences of people finding out we’re bailing out anglo with so much money

there’ll be panic on the streets

there’ll be looting

there’ll be revolution

No… No there won’t

With €14,000,000,000 you could build 54 Croke Park size stadiums (capacity 82,300), sufficent to accommodate the entire population of Ireland.

That about sums it up.

Shhhh… Some VI will sugest we do build 54 Croke Parks

How different it would be politically if the Govt. asked every citizen to cough up 3.5K in cash. Becuase that is what we are being forced to do. Except the Govt are borrowing for it on our behalf.


I’ve mentioned it before but the ability for every citizen to see exactly what their taxes were used for (along with estimates of how much VAT they paid plus what it was used for) and how much was borrowed in their name would do wonders for democracy. People might pay a bit more attention to what’s happening in the Dail then.

I read somewhere recently that the Large Hadron Collider, the largest scientific project in the world, costs €7bn. I guess we could have had two of those instead of Anglo. Knowledge Economy how are you? :frowning:

And that is only the losses so far after 15 months, right? Will we ever know the full cost of Anglo’s guarantee and nationalisation once its assets transfer to NAMA?

Well if they did, and stacked the 54 Croke Parks on top each other, you’d have an edifice 1,890 meters tall. (subject to planning permission)

Time to do an updated one for Anglo?