Anglo losses in colour

Given Seannie was whisked off in VW Golf, 14bn would get you about 650,000 brand spanking new Golfs (ignoring the possible bulk discounts :wink: ). My sums might be off, but this should be enough cars to cover about 650 soccer pitches.

Question: If Seannie was to hide in one of these cars, how long would it take the ex-financial regulator Neary to find him?


Or, to put in another way …

Using RonanL’s figures from Feb 2009, citing the CSO (here), and taking the earlier estimated Anglo loss of €11,000,000,000; it would take a worker on €40,000 p.a. (just above the stated average Private Sector wage of €37,722) a span of 275,000 years to earn that amount.

Blue Horseshoe

Let’s have a go.

According to this IT article in 2008, it costs 60,000 euro to educate a child up to and including 3rd level. … ing29.html

So, let’s visualise these savings in a biscuit tin - you could probably stuff 60,000 euro in a biscuit tin, in 50, 100 and the occasional 500 euro notes, like this…

Now, say you stacked up 125 of these biscuit tins - they would look like this (maybe imagine that these tins represent 62 families you know, with on average two kids each to be put through education.). There’s 7.5 million euro here.

If you shrink-wrapped the above 125 tins into blocks and stacked them into a wall, the following represents the 412 million euro paid for the Irish Glass Bottle Site in 2006, funded in the main by Anglo.

But Anglo’s expected 14 billion euro loss? - You would have a wall like this!

Each and every biscuit-tin contains a lifetime of saving and sacrifice for most people. :frowning:


I know this is flogging a dead horse at this stage (ie. the public have more or less ‘accepted’ the losses), but after reading the following Reuter’s article, I thought of comparing Anglo’s losses with the financial losses Japan is facing after its earthquake and tsunami - purely on the level of figures, and without getting into human costs either here or there…

The latest figures that the (last) government expected the losses to be at Anglo were 29-34 billion (advanced from the 14 billion put into colour in the old posts above).

So, say 30 billion conservatively… = 17.5% of Ireland’s GDP

And what does the destruction of 3% of GDP look like?

But of course, what happened with Anglo (and the rest of the banks and this country’s institutions) was not a natural disaster. It was a man-made disaster with political and institutional underpinnings. Yet, the political and institutional underpinnings in this country remain the exact same – just driving in a different gear for the time being. Those who embraced the political and institutional mores that lead to our disaster are still playing golf – there are many retirements and reputations still intact that shouldn’t be. Not to mention how NAMA (and other state funded institutions) are still doling out our money to those who may be still a quarter mil or two off their own retirements. Not good. :imp:

Since I know nothing about football, I’m having difficulty visualising this.

What is that in terms of the area of Wales?

Which species? Blue or minke? I’d say minke, there’s a lot of minkes in the bonking industry. Does your dog bite? No, he doesn’t bark either…

Which ones … the bankers or the kids ? :laughing:

The biscuit tin shrink wrappers. I hate openin’ those f**kin’ things.