Anglo regular saver

Just noticed (it happened two days ago) Anglo cut the interest on my regular saver from 7% to 4.5%. They have a new 8% regular saver but no guarantee of the 8% rate, guarantee of ECB+2% (so 6.25%?) for 1 year.

Account closure coming up.

Ah, but they didn’t realise all the attention such a desperate move to increase their deposit base would attract.

Frankly, it is beyond me why any punter would have deposits/savings accounts with Anglo Irish! Is it really worth an extra 2% when you run the risk that if Anglo goes bust you would get back 90% of the deposit [up to a maximum of EUR 20,000] under the Central Bank Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

In five years time, when they pay out…

Closed my account yesterday. There is no penalty for early closure of the Issue 1 regular saver. Got all the interest that had accrued at the old rate. When it hits my bank account (Monday hopefully) a nice fat cheque will be winging its way to Northern Rock

Just done the same thing myself recently.

Finally did the same myself. How much of a hard sell did you guys get from the people on the phone? Saying “You should keep it there for the 4.5% interest”.

Didn’t get any to be fair to them. I actually found Anglo to be a good crowd to deal with overall. Very little hastle in opening, operating & closing accounts. Just a pity I don’t have the same confidence in their financial secuity.

Have to agree. They have a very professional, well thought out way of dealing with deposit customers. I also had no hassle whatsoever when I closed my account there early last year.

However, none of that takes away one whit from the risk inherent in Anglo Irish

Never went near them,twas all a bit green miley for me.

No hassle closing. I was asked did i want it transferred to my current account or did I want to reinvest. When I said curent account there was no hassle or pressure.

Hit my current account about 4 pm yesterday.

Never had a problem with anglo to be honest, there customer service is as good as I’ve experienced anywhere (not just in the banking world)

Have to agree. Professional and efficient service.

I’ll give a separate update on my six figure investment in a short while in a separte posting.
I did not close my account but did transfer over 90% of the value to my BOI current account. Funds are now being transferred to Northern Rock.

Good, quick professional service from NR>

I’ve never heard a bank get such great reviews for customer service.

Are you transferring funds to NR by cheque/post or electronically?
I think BoI allow just 20k to be transferred on line per transaction.
Maybe you transfered it by credit transfer from BoI in the bank.