Anglo request for information

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, I have submitted an appeal to the OCEI in relation to requests I sent to Anglo Irish Bank. The bank denied they were a public body for the purposes of the Directive. In the first request I sought:

  1. All minutes of board meetings from January 2009 to January 2010, inclusive, insofar as such meetings relate to property or property related loans.

  2. A breakdown of all properties owned or controlled by the Bank, or its agents or subsidiaries, (including any charges held over any properties, by it or its subsidiaries companies), to include the following data: for how much they were purchased, the date of the purchase, any amount owed, the address and/or land coordinates of the properties, the current estimated value of the properties, all environmental impact assessments, risk reports, other assessments and economic analyses carried out in relation to all properties and lands and their related loans. The date range for this request is January 2009 to January 2010, inclusive.

  3. A breakdown of all security, collateral or charges held by the bank in relation to property. … formation/

Great work Gavin. What is the OCEI?

Sorry, it’s in the post. The Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information.

Keep at them Gavin. Cheers for all the work.

For what its worth Gavin, I know that Anglo’s Co Sec department is all over the place so I wouldn’t expect the minute book to be up to date or even contain minutes that reflect any Board meetings.

There is someone in there now doing a mighty big clean up.