Anglo to be Nationalised

GAME OVER Player One, please insert €3 billion to continue


Dail needed for legislation on christmas day?

What’s to negotiate? Play ball or we let nature take its course.

Why the intensive attitude? Sign here or fuck off!

Job done.

Does this mean that the loan book will never be subjected to full scrutiny? What dirty little secrets exist therein for which you and I are now liable?

Why didnt this happen in September? Why was there a three month period of grace afforded to Anglo? Were there loose ends which needed tying up or disposing of?

Sorry, it’s late and I’m not thinking straight.

What public interest does this serve?
Anglo Irish is a specialist lender and the public have little or no exposure so why Government Intervention.
Whatever damage has been done to my pension through Anglo Irish shares has now been done and the future of the bank is of no further concern to me. I’m not a depositor and if I was I’d be covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

Didn’t trust his own bank.

We have guaranteed all bank deposits and debts. Whether Anglo comes to its demise through a government takeover or bankruptcy taxpayers are on the hook.

The blanket guarantee will go down as the single biggest political mistake in the history of this country.

There is no public interest. There are however interested parties. As the Yanks say “Do the Math”.

OK, now that it has or will come to pass how do the two Brians sell this as being it the best interests of the nation.

It is undoubtedly in the best interests of the Galway Tent/helicopter/greasy palm brigade that Fianna Fail represents.

Integrity of the Irish banking system, of which Anglo is a prime component, at stake/need for a robust banking system to ensure that Ireland is well placed to benefit from the global upturn when it arrives/a clear sign that the Govt is unwilling to stand for dodgy banking practices as per Mr. Fitz and is prepared to take courageous measures to ensure that the banking system survives on a sound footing/some patriotic horse crap/yadda yadda yadda ad infinitum

The one thing that they are world leaders at is the pumping of spin. Unrivalled IMO. They’ll sell it alright. But then, whos buying?

I don’t get it. What is FFs plan? Sort out their buddies at the Country’s expense then skulk off to the opposition benches and/or retire on Ministerial pensions topped up with Directorships on the boards of their buddies companies?
Are they actually trying to fix the economy at all; You know the job they were hired to do?
I know this is dragging the thread O.T. but 3Bn in to Anglo Irish Bank is not fixing Ireland and is costing the taxpayer dearly.

The Biggest Dig-Out in Irish history, there will be tribunals for years about this one!!
This is exactly the opposite of the tough action that was needed, the guarantee gave the movers and shakers time to get organized, dig in deep, and force the governments hand. Do you think for 1 minute these boyos will be forced to the wall by a nationalized bank, no the Irish taxpayer will foot the bill of hundreds of individual dig-outs orchestrated by a nationalized bank, friggin unbelievable :imp:

I was a few feet away from a senior FF minister earlier. I seriously regret not throwing my shoes at him a la the Iraqi journalist.

Make Fianna Fail history!

My opinion is that the fate of official Ireland itself (not just FF but with FF at its epicentre) is so disastrously incestuous that nothing constructive can actually be done without the whole edifice collapsing. Those in power (not just the politicos) seem to be engaged in little more than an exercise in self-preservation. Its impossible to have confidence in anything at the moment. In that regard the misinformation that served them so well during the Tiger years is now actually contributing to the fact that nobody can really believe anything.

Its impossible to know where its going to end or indeed what is going to happen. Argentina anyone?


Look at this sentence. The guy moved his own money out of Anglo-Irish before the guarantee, he knew full well his own bank is a basket case despite all the public commentary to the contrary.

Separately, The Irish Times understands that Mr FitzPatrick moved personal funds from Anglo to Bank of Ireland in advance of the Government’s emergency decision in September to guarantee deposits and debts at the Irish-owned banks.

Exactly. The guy wont even leave his own money in his own bank because its a basket case yet our Government decided to guarantee the instituion and now nationalise it.

An absolute joke. The lunatics are running the asylum.

Ian Brown wrote this for Mr. Fitz and his ilk a number of years ago…

“I love only me
I love only me
Ive got the answers to everything…”

Lads, i’m after a few BD but this country is f**ked.

How did we let these bastards destroy our country.

F**kers should be put in jail

First, Anglo the property bubble bank were guaranteed by Fianna Fail, the property bubble party.

Now Anglo are going to be bailed out by Fianna Fail using taxpayer funds.

When half of Anglos steaming €73 billion pile of shite loan book goes up in smoke, Paddy Thickhead Taxpayer will be left holding the bag thanks to the actions of his elected representatives.

Thus €30-40 billion will have been transferred from the productive class to the landowning class, as per Fianna Fail’s manifesto.

This is without a doubt the greatest mugging of the Irish taxpayer ever perpetrated.