Anglo to be Nationalised


I too love private messages! High time people here started talking on msn too.


I have abused Lenihan in the past. let us see now whether he will split fianna fail and out the truth.
his comments have given me some small hope.

If there is anyone with a vestige of honesty from fianna fail reading this…

you need to split from the crooks… you need to destroy the party

you need to expose them and hang the consequences…

It’s 1916 again…
the country is on the verge of destruction,
are you patriots or criminals?


are we still in the stage that of you keep your job you’ll be grand or have we moved into something else.

As far as I can tell everything is stil the same as before and if you weren’t listening to news you wouldn’t actually know anything was wrong?


Note to self: Need more Tri Banana T-Shirts, Flags etc etc.


It is time for extraordinary gestures.



the first one. you wont see the average joe on the street start freaking out until they or someone very close to them loses their job, or, something shocking happens like food stops appearing on supermarket shelves.

until then, its business as usual.

that’s why the phrase that its like “watching a trainwreck in slow motion” has been so apt for the last year or so. everybody is completely oblivious to it. there’s only 1 or 2 people max that i can even begin to talk to about politics or the economy. people just dont want to know. the thing is, when they do decide they want to know it will be too late. if it isn’t already. we are Iceland (and i think we’ll be worse eventually). it just isn’t official yet.


Does this mean that our women will morph into blonde blue eyed godesses? God I hope so.




Meanwhile, Brian Cowen, the new CEO of Anglo Irish Bank is continuing his Christmas break.

What the fuck is that eejit still doing in Japan?


Clowen just said it’s “business as usual” for Anglo.

Billions more in loans to gobshite FF developers to speculate on property courtesy of the Irish taxpayer. That’s a relief. :angry:


B*tch slapped by Lucey, calling his understanding of hte business model “facile” and noting that the model could not continue (it cant, can it…its the FF bank now…)



Hey Yogan, is your real name George? :laughing:


Anyone got a real time (not delayed) opening price for aib and boi.



They’re both down about 12-13%


Thanks V.


The confidence in all Irish institutions is at stake now. If they want to restore confidence, they have to start jailing who have been responsible for "improper and unacceptable practices ".


Anyone got live feeds for Irish goverment bonds or the CDS markets