Anglo to sue O'Mahony over €3.9m payout


Anglo to sue O’Mahony over €3.9m payout - CIARÁN HANCOCK -> … 77550.html


Former head of treasury at Anglo Tiernan O Mahony charged with conspiracy to defraud #Tv3News


Instead of a banking enquiry (which will show how complicit the government and civil servants were) we get this?

Can we at least sue the Central Bank and Financial Services Regulator for the lump-sum payments they got ?

Oops, that would involve them opening that seal envelope containing all the e-mails and memos from …


According to a report now edited in the indo, O’Mahoney allegedly concealed the existence of a bank account in a revenue enquiry. Not his, belonging to a customer called Peter O’Toole. The company secretary was also allegedly involved.


Would he have been related to Timmy O’Toole - the fictitous boy in the well of Simpsons fame?!?!