Anglo told executives to hush up €200m deal

TOP executives at Anglo Irish Bank were warned not to reveal the details of a secret €200m deal at the height of the banking crisis. … 45247.html

Is that an illegal act? If so off to jail with you!

Vinnie asked the same question last night and didnt get an answer he mentionded fraudulent accounting.
Maybe Laughinglawyer or some other knowledgeable person could comment.
To me Joe Publice is starting to realise that we live on Fr Teds Craggy Island, its all a bit surreal and the money WAS only resting in my account

Vincent seems very concerned about the law and the legalities of this and that these days, in fact, he looked like he was going to have a stroke when someone mentioned Mary Harney the other night! :laughing:

Your honour it was only morally corrupt and it twas those bad bondholders who were hoodwinked by this concealment of the true nature of the borrowing and not the poor unsuspecting builders that we f***ed on a regular basis prior to the tax payer bending over further m’lord. :mrgreen:

Utter Cowboys… and thats just Hypo Bank I’m talking about. You could not make this stuff up.

If Michael Crighton brought out a financial espionage thriller with the goings on between Anglo, the Government, the “Regulators” and the shocking conclusion involving the taxpayer pouring money in while the villains swan off with pay-off’s, written off loans and a smug look on their faces, it would be dismissed as a naive exercise in fantasy.