Anglo's own auditor aware of FitzPatrick loans

this is how the banks operate. wouldn’t be surprised if Seanie-baby is consulted upon how to deal with bad loans in the ‘bad bank’

What a great day to hide a story like this !

This isn’t really a story though… Hierarchies are hierarchies and people play the tune they get paid for…

Oooh a highly paid consultancy job for Seanie to advise the government how to get their €84 million back off him.

our Eur 84m , 8DD XD

f*ck that

I reckon we hire viper debt collection ,

I’d say he’d do it for 20k

It’s a sad state of affairs when I’d have to concur with this point.
If the Viper was put on the case of Micheal Lynn or Seanie Fitz I’m sure we might see these guys paying up.

It just goes to show… it’s not like a lot of these guys haven’t the cash, it’s just they’ve been inventive in hiding their ownership of their cash.

A few knee cappings around Shrewsbury Road might help focus the attention a bit!

I hear there is a Russian/Latvian agency which is quite persuasive. :nin … =H2&Page=1

One of the nice things about the Pin in the days gone past is that pinsters were also realists. Of course the Internal Auditor knew about the loans, He probably also knew what Seanie had for breakie every morning, and neither Seanies breakfast or his loans probably broke any rules interanlly, or laws exteranally, so end of storey.

May have been immorral , disreputable etc - but not illegal.

Are you nuts? There are about a dozen laws that may have been broken, depending mostly on intent. If this was an honest mistake, it may not have been illegal. If there was any intent to misrepresent the bank’s position to shareholders, throw away the keys.

Of course, I’m not implying that it was illegal – the point is that no-one knows, and the full story probably won’t come out for a while. … 37736.html

Appleby has been feeding on offal for years and has finally got some prime fillet in his sights. Yummy.