Anglo's sketchy art collection is of little cash value

Anglo’s sketchy art collection is of little cash value to the State - Michael Parsons → … 35056.html

as per the books written on anglo, anglo would take paintings if debtors didnt pay up.

And in other news, hopes that clueless f**ks at least knew something about art, prove unfounded.

Will we see the Anglo collection hanging on a side of Merrion Square or will NAMA buy them to prevent them from glutting the market so that they can be trickled on to the market at their LTEV.

No disrespect meant to the artists who sell their paintings on the square; it’s one of the few good things I can still think of in Dublin.

No chance that we could make our own mind up about the value by them putting these seemingly worthless pieces up for sale on ebay or somewhere similar though, perish the thought that they’d actually try to sell them off. Whats going to happen to them? They’ll probably be given to Anglo employees as they have no worth. This is just illustrative of the fact that its so annoying that they wont persue money for us, the owners.

I shan’t be the least bit surprised if they give them back to the artists… to sell again.

I mean who better placed to manage such works. BD

This is more a case of contempory Irish art being of little value internationally rather than Anglo buying worthless pieces. This has nearly always been the case. The main purchasers of Irish art…were the Irish.

One of the many annoyances I encountered a lot over the last 10 years was the self regarding rubbish Irish “art professionals” talked. Having been invited to my fair share (and other’s share) of art openings and viewings I got to know a little of this market and attitudes to popularity. I nearly always asked about Irish artists and who was hot and why. Even in the heady days of the mid-2004/2005, Irish art was not rated internationally by those who seriously collected it and was never sought by gallery owners.

You mean they didn’t know their arts from their elbow… :-GC

It’s almost 2 years ago now …

Where’s my NAMA - The Painters Edition

They must be worth a few bob in novelty value alone. Surely if they had a big auction of them they’d sell to people who want them just as dinner party conversation.

but they got thier nama as in aos dana.

Precisely. Let the bloody market decide.

That sounds a little iffy, very low value, but surely not that difficult or expensive to courier here. Maybe a returning employee could even carry a few with them. And if it’s low value what’s the insurance problem?

If I was a little distrustful I might suspect there’s a few ones in there worth a few bob and people are making excuses as to why they should be allowed take them home rather than bother the Irish taxpayer with them.

Quite possible that they have some pieces worth something but paintings hanging in banks and corporate offices tend to be fairly large, in which case they are fairly difficult to ship and end up being quite cumbersome as they are packed in wooden boxes. I would never think of offering to carry a painting while traveling, unless it was very small. It would be nice to see an inventory of this supposedly worthless art though.

And I think Boston makes a good point about the Irish art scene as echo chamber. Most Irish artists who sold well to the ort crowd during the bubble are ignored abroad. Many of the most successful Irish painters sold what are essentially decorative pieces, the kind of stuff Ikea sells and paintings of that quality and style are available on Merrion Sq. There are a few exceptions, and they mostly didn’t sell well during the tiger years. I’m thinking of Fergus Feehily and a couple of others who can cut it internationally. Anyone who visits IMMA when there are Irish shows on knows deep down that there is not much happening.

They look like vandalised Rothko’s!
Vandalised by an interior decorator armed with sample pots and some teak wood stain
Finish with a splash of red wine from an inebriated admirer.

More like Hodgkins, Rothko is all reds and oranges. Feehily’s stuff is less optimistic I guess. But if you liked those you’ll really love the stuff he is ‘painting’ more recently.

Ill take that stuff any day over this kind of rubbish.

I think this might be more apt for Irish banks these days.