Another 2 ropey solicitors

Solicitors suspended in €32m tax evasion probe

I tell you, that self regulation thing is really working

Well it looks like the Law Society asked for these boys to be given the boot but the judge didn’t accede to their request. I think it is a bit unfair to lay into them with regard to this particular case. At least their compensation fund coffers will get an injection of 100k

I have a feeling this may be needed some time in the future

It also is a good illustration of the kind of money these guys were raking in. So when the Law Society starts doing the’beal bocht’ & starts asking the state to help them, when their compo fund runs out we’ll know where to tell them to stick it !

No records kept by the bank or the solicitors?

There is a case here of Money Laundering; failure to keep books; defrauding the State. They lodge €32m into a bank account and hoped to hide it. This strikes me as being dumber than dumb; but €32m is obviously only chicken feed to our high rolling Legal Fraternity who gets 100s of millions of euro from organizing SIVs etc from the Financial Centre and therefore did not get the attention it needed.

Where did they get the money from but from advising health boards! Is it any wonder that our health system is in such a mess. Just offer it up when you have to pay €50 to wait overnight the next time you visit casualty and think of the poor solicitors who nearly got jail :unamused:

can someone tell me why solicitors are a proected class in this country?

They’re not, or at least, no more than other qualified professionals…I think the deeper problem here is an ethical, or dare I say it, a moral one. The Celtic Tiger has bred people who don’t care about anything except feathering their nests.

Good question. The article is pretty misleading.

‘Secret bank account’ - I’d wager it was nothing of the sort. Under money laundering regulations, a bank allowing secret accounts is illegal, and I doubt very much if any Irish bank would allow such a practice.

Speaking as a former banker, I have my own theories as to how these guys got caught. … utions.pdf

Part VI of the Money Laundering Act has proved what I have suspected. In the absence of a self correcting morality e.g. a people who generally abide by Christian or Islamic rules, Big Brother reigns supreme. We are becoming a Nation of spies:

Once upon a time, in that not too distant past, the only reporting that was requested of one was to report your own transgressions in Confession. Now, there are laws that you must report Suspicions – Jesus, this opens up an appalling vista. Anyone with a legal brain knows that ones suspicions can be wrong (I heard the story of a councilor who went to a course where she knew that there were 2 Gardai, 3 Doctors, 4 teachers etc on the course. On the first night she without even thinking picked out the two Gardai. She was dumbfounded when they broke up into smaller groups to find that the two Gardai were pretty ladies and that her suspicions were wrong). The suspicions above could ultimately end up for some sort of decisions on the desk of a politician who cannot remember, wasn’t there, never talked to certain people, didn’t see when having to account for one’s own actions. And who is doing the reporting but members of a once respected community who now find no problem selling a bundled load of shit to Pension Funds, and loading young people with what I call Tomb Mortgages (six to nine times salary). Yes, is it any wonder this country is finding itself in the mire?

the problem existed long before the celthick tigurr … enDocument

ask Twink about this guy Elio Malocco.

And Malocco was recently seen where ?

Acting as a consultant for Mr Lynn in the offices of his London based Solictors !

I’m half hoping that Malocco screws over Lynn the way he did his previous clients :-/

I heard a rumour and I stress a rumour that the reason for the leniency applied by the presiding judge had something to do with the fact they are all involved with the same political party in government, but not FF and not green. I stress it is an unproven rumour but from someone who knows alittle more than I.

I like this line from the above

If you knowingly snatched a bag with €32 million and you were lagged later and all the money was recovered you’d still do time. I really can’t see much difference between the two crimes. If a few suits were sent to the Joy the next ones would think twice about doing something like these solicitors.