Another approx valuation / Tipperary for a change

Long time lurker etc…

Would value any opinions on this property.
I know the majority of conversations are held about the Dublin area but would anyone like to hazzard a guess on this little cottage ?

Is the asking price a little high ? Would €175k be a fair judgement , or still a little high ?

Thanks in advance…

174k, in my humble opinion FizzGig, it’s way too high a price to be offering on this place

I’m thinking more along the line of less than 140K and I think that they would accept that offer. It’s not crazy low and it’s likely understantable to sellers.
Reasons is that you’ll probably be looking at reconditioning the property e.g. windows, insulation etc. That’ll cost a few bob and house prices are falling and even for countryside properties, they will all fall.
Hold your horses for another year or two and see how things are.

Save hard and then you’ll be better able to play the field or what remains of it at that time.

I know the area and would pay a small premium of a few '000’s to live there.
If the house is structurally sound it seems good value if you got it for 150k
Check to see it theres a septic tank … check the sewerage system…also the plumbing
See if the wiring is ok … get an electrician to have a look at it

thanks for the replies…

We have saved hard now for 5 years and feel like we cant wait any more.
Which is prob the wrong idea, especially now …

We started with an offer of 155k and upped this to 163k more recently.
Offer rejected - said they would only look at offers over the 170 mark.
We both feel this is too high… have taken offer of the table now.

We will have to play the waiting game for a little longer :frowning:

Around 140k in current market. Sub 100k in a years time, sub 80k in two years time.

Paint it white with black edging. Dont like the current colour.

55,750 no more no less would be my offer here. . . Things arent getting better. … .

and there are floods tere too. :nin

Dude, you really should wait one more year…just the one but it will be a good one to spend on the sidelines unlike 2005 where you could not save as fast as inflation .

I would spread the savings a bit to give you a chance of a mortgage with a few banks, make sure AIB or BoI have some of your savings and that you up that amount every month so they can see it coming in.

I would not save in the final year with Ulster/First Active or INBS , they will not give you a mortgage anyway .

Your positioning now must be about putting money in a bank that will give you a mortgage next year , do the rounds and TELL them what you expect of them. If they wanna be assholes do not save with them…dead money :smiley:

Sure, most of the banks are promising mortgages. Both Ulster Bank and AIB have told myself in recent weeks that I’d have no problem getting a trade up mortgage.

Yeah, right :angry: