Another banner week for Florida

Let’s have a glance at the business headlines of one Florida newspaper last week.

Bankrupt Builder Levitt leaves “Ghost Town” of 1,000 unfinished houses … _1129.html

Price of condos take 30% price drop in Palm Beach County, prices of houses fall 17% on Treasure Coast. … _1129.html

Commercial Real Estate starting to feel pain … _1126.html

More Mortgage fraud … _1028.html

State run pension fund makes bad subprime investment - Governor freezes assets to prevent fund from collapsing … _1130.html

And, of course, everyones favortite subject: Foreclosures … _1015.html

I can’t wait to see what happens next week…

Ireland and Spain should look at this mess to see where they will be 12 to 18 months from now.

You know things are getting tough when the 300 pound prostitutes are starting to feel financial pain and are forced into a life of crime.

Man claims 300-pound prostitute robbed him

FORT PIERCE — A 300-pound prostitute allegedly robbed a man of $100 before pedaling away on a blue beach cruiser, according to a police report obtained Tuesday.

The case of the hefty hooker happened about 1:10 a.m. Monday as the 32-year-old victim rode his bicycle south on South 17th Street when the assailant came up to him.

“The female approached asking (the victim) did he want a date, which meant she wanted him to pay for some sex,” the report states.

The victim told investigators he felt sorry for the woman and pulled $10 from his wallet to give to her. That’s when she allegedly pushed him off his bicycle and wrestled him down. She snatched his wallet, stole $100 and then pedaled off.

The victim, who wasn’t injured, described his assailant as weighing 300 pounds and clad in blue jeans and a white T-shirt. … _1028.html

FrankenFish, this article about cash-back-at-closing reminds me of a post on AAM where someone was trying to get the vendor to agree to state a higher amount as the sale price and then give cash back to the buyer; I can’t find the thread now, but is there any likelihood that this has been widespread in Ireland?

Another astonishing bit from the same article:
The normal broker fee is 1%…

No wonder the US is riddled with sub-prime. How many of the people who borrowed sub-prime were told they had to, even though they weren’t? (Through ignorance of their credit rating).

Not really, except for one off houses in the Midlands .