Another Fine Gaeler fills his boots


Not content to waste massive levels of public money on numerous vanity project over-spends, these Fine Gael types apparently feel its acceptable to draw down Dail salaries and allowances whilst their centre of business is not even on the island of Ireland.


Just as well the people voted for change in 2011, and we end the decade with FF dead and buried. :roll_eyes:




He resigned a few days after we held byelections, denying the people of Cork North Central a TD to represent them for another few months


The Committee on Members Interests, chaired by Hildegarde Naughton, was asked by Fianna Fáil to determine if Mr Murphy is in breach of codes of conducts set out in the Ethics in Public Office Act, and the Standard in Public Office Act. However, as he will no longer be a member following his resignation, that investigation will have to end.

“…either immediately or ultimately every dollar of government spending must be raised through a dollar of taxation. Once we look at the matter. In this way, the supposed miracles of government spending will appear in another light.”
― Henry Hazlitt, Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest & Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics


Like I say, Fine Gael likes to tell itself it is Fianna Fail without the corruption :rofl:


This fscker (allegedly) stole 50k. Why aren’t the cops involved?


They’re probably on a junket to China to sign off on a lucrative contract for a few Tiger chairs. :ninja:


Looks like political immunity.


Crumbs of bread, as if confetti thrown onto the public eye, by sad sad sad clowns.



That dumb movie has not aged well…

There’s probably good historical reasons why politicians have had some privileges wrt to immunity from investigation in relation to their expenses. Privileges traditionally have come with responsibilities.

The real issues are systemic and have to be solved at that level instead of going after the latest scapegoat expense clocker.