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Can we do nothing, nothing correctlly. :unamused:

This is the same RPA that promised Integrated Ticketing in Dublin by about …emmm… 2002 wasn’t it ??? Am I surprised…emmm no ??? It is a ridiculous quango and should be gotten rid of forthwith with everybody sacked on the spot.

My grandchildren will be looking forward to that.

Btw, I have one child. He is ten at the mo so the timing might work out.

Never mind giving something back, NAMA should be coining it and making a return on its land holdings. My understanding is that there are even car parks around some of the stations for empty apartment blocks.

Time for a ‘people’s’ car park? Come on, some of you must know some likely lads who would operate one!

I’ll bell Brendan McDonagh for the lend of a NAMA Dumper and a heap of NAMA Gravel and 3inch screen lying around that general area and we will have a surface carpark for Up and Runnin for De Paypil Boss …in no time.

Seeing as ‘we’ own the field-come-carpark then surely if a few hundred cars appearing in them
some morning would get the ball rolling pretty quick with regards an ‘official’ carpark.

Anyone got a pair of chain cutters?

Whatever about being tied up in Nama, which after all only kicked in within what, the last two years, when this track was being planned they should have earmarked sites for parking. Ok, so it was boom time and I am sure Noel wanted massive money for his back garden but WHAT THE FUCK were they doing? The land should have been set aside, got planning and been ready to go whoever owned it.

There are now 3 stops in Ballyogan road serving 2 estates, one of which is local authority housing so probably not too many commuters there (without meaning to tar with a big brush), the following stop is for…god knows…Carrickmines Retail Park? You think the Luas actually serves Dundrum Shopping centre? well check this one out. It’s Ryanair-style “Near enough to…” sort of shite.

Then there are stops…in the fucking country…serving, by the looks of it, a house. Big house though it may be.

The kids were fascinated by the lake. I wonder was that an accident?

Ha Boss, ya need gravel boss or they will get stuck in the mud there boss.

How about some cement…

There was an arrangement in place which fell through due to builder insolvency. It was written clearly in the article. Or maybe you succumbed to the sensationalist headline spin, like most people do.

Quoi? :confused:

Where is Noel O’Gara when you need him to provide a car park.

Being discussed on News at one RTE radio 1 now

It’s probably exaggerated how much available land there is for a temporary
park & ride facility around the 4 Cherrywood area Luas stops
After all it’s only six times more than can be seen in this photo. :wink: … 6&pid=5874

Out of bordom and noseyness I travelled this on Sunday.
First thing I said to my wife on reaching cherrywood was - “Where are all the folks supposed to park” after seeing the cars littered all over the new estate beside the stop out there.

Now if a clown like me can spot that on the first spin - how come these toolbags can’t spot that after years of planning and development !

I can’t wait to hear the RPA’s spin on this. fuckwits.

The explanation is simple, there is no parking available because the arrangement with the builder fell through

This is by far the most convincing argument against the building of Dublin Metro North.

This, and the fact the Eamonn Ryan is championing it.


didnt the developer pay for this extension?

Ah, thanks for that. Oh well. Nothing to be done then. Shame about it. Move along, there’s nothing incompetent about one arrangement falling through and doing nothing to set up another one. There is, after all, only one builder. Anywhere.

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