Another firesale - Lios na hAbhainn, Rooskey

Prices from 100K. … t=19417248

Developer was “Kapparho Homes” based in D6.

Nice houses if the estate was finished. I would be interested if there was any employment within an hour’s commute.
Of course, god knows who will end up living there.

I hate to say this but €100k is not a firesale price in Leitrim/North Roscommon unless

  1. It is on the riverside
  2. They throw in full section 23 reliefs
  3. The estate is finished ( roads and landscaping) and the spare sites can be covered with earth and seeded .

on daft here: … 8&search=1

History of some of the units here: … +Roscommon

That whole Rural Renewal Scheme area in the North Shannon basin is an epic disaster . Anyone dipping in at 100k save for the highest quality developments in the very best areas is guaranteed negative equity the minute they sign the contracts :frowning:

I would be amazed were any sold at all .

The banks will not lend to buy in the ghost estates where negative equity kicks in on the signing of the contract.

I know these ones ,2 beds for 100,000 …

Unfinished supposedly 80k…

As 2 Pack said stay away, not worth it… site not finished…

There was a time when cheap remote areas attracted artists and other impoverished bohemians. Prior to the advent of cheap travel there were artist colonies in darkest Spain, West France and other similar places.

Maybe that is the future for the likes of Rooskey. Could be great. :wink:

I’ll bring the absinthe.

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I started a similar thread to this one this morning relating to a mansion in Kilkenny with 15 houses for sale. That thread has now disappeared.

Can you tell me why…?

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Would it be a Pioneer colony if the alcohol was absinthe? :angry:

ACC appointed a receiver to the development company Jevstar Limited on 27th July.

The last accounts show bank debt of 3M at 31st December 08. This probably doesnt include the property cost which may have been in the directors names and may have additional loans against it.

I saw these gaffs last Easter. Massive houses nicely spaced out. Everything finished out to the last. Top notch stuff.

The guy selling them had a good few shifted. Alot of them were the sort of gaffs that would had been sold with a extra million euro on the price if they were in Dublin! Real D.4 type finishes. But they are not in D.4 !. Shows the crazy Dublin site prices.

They are having a sale this weekend. The missus will be window shopping tomorrow but will have to break off my arm, but then its only a 1 hour commute to Leixlip ?! (Note to self: must resist temptation to spend money but a quite weekend fishing out on the boat…)

Did you ever hear of the term “shrill”. Its a widely enjoyed internet sport.

Why do you think he’s shrill? Is it because people who write in blue generally have high-pitched voices?


If the guy selling them had a good few shifted, how come of a development of 28 units, 18 completed and 8 uncompleted “sites” are for sale?