Another house raffle..

Can’t sell it?

Raffle it.

They’re looking to sell between 5,500 and 6,500 tickets at £100 a pop between now and Friday 13th Feb 2009.

Augers well for the success of this venture: (or are they pullin the piss?)

if i win do i get to take on the debt too ? and the 500 quid a year lawn cutting fees rising each year at 3 or 4 times inflation ?


Q14. Is this legal? Do they not need a licence for such a venture?

Anyone know how the last one went?

They are really underestimating how hard it is to get 5000+ people to pay €100 for a raffle ticket.
They’d be very lucky to get a couple of hundred, without spending a fortune on advertising.

Something of a classic problem with these ideas I’d imagine. It’s much easier to convince people to part with a fiver for a chance of winning (the ‘odds’ mean little to most people) but they’d need to 100,000 participants. The administrative and marketing/advertising overhead required would be significant.

For money laundering reasons I imagine getting a licence is fairly non-trivial too.

Google the following

“Barney Curely+Middleton Park House”

Very 1980s

As far as I am aware these types of raffles are illegal !
However, thing is, who is going to stop them ?

If the vendors get arrested, all they have to do is plead ignorance and desperation to the judge.

At least one of the previous guys got the appropriate licence.


It’s a new paradigm… we were fupping idiots to think we’d all get rich selling each other houses, I mean who were we trying to kid right? No the new paradigm is we’ll all get rich raffling each other houses. The raffle boom is about to get boomier… hang on tight


I think they’re avoiding this by positioning it as a competition rather than a raffle. In order to be qualify to enter the raffle you have to answer the question:

we can chip in and buy 1 ticket then sell the house for £50,000, better than the lotto!