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Richard Boyd Barrett claims €12,000 for car repairs and travelling 12km to Dail

He has confirmed that he claimed €12,000 last year in expenses for travelling to the Dail from his home in Glenageary, in his Dun Laoghaire constituency – a distance of just 12km.

He said he used the full amount for travel expenses – including his car-repair bills.

“First of all, my car had to be repaired several times because I use it so much. I travel sometimes twice a day back and forth from Dun Laoghaire,” said Mr Boyd Barrett. … 63871.html

Glenageary is right on the Dart line and If Richard lives where I think he does he could practically step onto a train. Pearse Station isn’t far from Dail Eireann either. A yearly ticket, with unlimited travel on the Dart, costs about €900.

Save the taxpayer €11k Richard, eh?

People before profit, expenses before hypocrisy?

… Boyd before Barrett

Boyd Barrett before people.

Great the way they can just rip off the tax we contribute isn’t it

I’d call it theft, but calling that cunting hypocrite a cunting thief might not be polite, so I won’t call Richard Boyd Barrett a self-serving thieving cunting hypocrite.

The fact that Glenageary is significantly farther than 12km from the Dail renders every other claim in this story suspect. If they can’t even get the basics right…

Ever feel the Independent is playing you like fiddles?

According to the AA Ireland route planner its 17.5km by road; about 12k as the crow flies.

Using the Merrion Road, Google Maps put it at exactly 12km from Glenageary to Kildare Street

14.2km from Glenageary staion to Kildare Street. 2.2km is obviously quite enough to justify the extra €11k. :sick: … s&t=m&z=13

I’d say it’s 12 miles.

I got 14.8km on the AA Auto Route which is about 9 miles, maybe he drives there in reverse thats why he keeps having to get the car fixed. :-GC

My brother also witnessed him haggle with a bus driver over the fare a few weeks ago.

Must have been when he was having the car repaired :angry:

No way, 9 tops.
You’d be in Shankill in 12.

How much for the journey guv?
What if I gave you half that, how far would I get?
And if I bought two of them would you give me a discount on the second?
My, what a lovely gourd…

Why even bother?

I tell you what lets have a new rule on the pin when it comes to dealing with Irish news media. They seem to follow the same formula as was explained to me by a junro in secondary school back in the 90’s, you all must have figured it out now?

Quote the intro and the outro or there abouts… the divil is often an angel toward the end and vice versa.

what happens to the rest of his salary? does it go back into the State coffers or does he divert it elsewhere like SF?

I could live easily enough on 24k if all my expenses were covered…