Another new Green Tax

It looks like Gormless has come up with another way of taxing people, & this one has the added benefit of generating thousands of new public sector jobs.

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Now at first glance this seems like a good wholesome thing to do, to protect our drinking water supplies.

But, lets look at what we’re already paying towards clean water !

  • Taxes
  • Development Levies ( 10-15k in most counties )
  • Group water scheme contributions
  • Septic tank maintenance contract
  • Water charges ( soon, real soon )

So now the Minister wants to implement another (I’m guessing ) 100 yoyo charge.

But that’s only the thin end of the stick. Who’s going to do the inspections & issue the licences ?

Yes, that’s right, the local authorities. So now they have to find the staff to inspect 440,000 tanks. Even if the requirement is only for an inspection every two years that’s more than 4300 inspections a week. Be Generous & we’ll pretend that an inspector can visit 4 sites per day. So we’re going to need at least an addition 215 inspectors working 50 weeks a year at that rate; just to inspect the tanks.

Then there’s going to be all those people in the offices to issue the certs & send out warning letters & making appointments. Before we’re done we’re going to have an additional 2,000 PS bodies to run this :unamused:

Gormless really has found his calling, he’s created an NCT for tanks full of shit.

This guy is totally out of control. Gormley has a hard-on for taxing rural people. Thankfully, I live in his constituency and will have a vote against him and all he stands for in the next election (if I am still living in the septic tank of a country !!).

They’ll probably be able to use existing building control staff who are now underemployed.
It seems it is a requirement from EU - and is something that should be introduced.
Of course in Ireland it will be ridiculously expensive and inefficiently run - but it is a good idea in principle.

My parents’ water supply was contaminated by faecal contamination from neighbouring septic tanks (which arrived later than their well).

So how exactly will a septic tank tax stop pollution?

How will it stop rural people shitting?

There is a simple school of thought informing all of this that you can impose environmental policy by using tax bu of course it would as it dovetails nicely with keeping all the power structures in place no feathers ruffled. I cam across this once I mentioned it before some young lady I spoke to at a party when I was in college and she started talking about tax policy was the only way to achieve environmental change. Needless to say I was appalled even then age 19 or so. What a silly idea. Now look where we are :open_mouth:

While the idea is good and our ground water is under serious pressure from lazy design the implementation of a solution is totally flawed.

TAX is a system that generaly says “People BAD”

This is a classic case of shit rolling downhill gets coat ]

Looks like sales of this book will increase.

A new gestapo may need to be created to check the woods for illicit tax-avoidance defecation.

I live in a rural area and use a septic tank, If the tax was on unmaintained systems, then I would have no objection on the principal that these systems must be maintained.

To put a blanket tax on all systems is unfair as it just makes rural living even more expensive as we have to purchase, install and maintain such systems out of our own pockets already.

I has wondering if this would just apply to septic tanks, but it appears that it will just be a plain old tax on rural dwellers, regardless of what system they put in place.

So even if I install a composting toilet and constructed reedbed system (that is completely incapable of polluting) I will still be liable for this tax?


Possibly a shallow well? Its cheaper to drill a shallow well. Are the walls lined? There could be a breach in the lining or even no lining if its old. Wells need maintenance too. Awful thing to happen to them but worth checking out these things!
A deep enough well will filter bacteria and properly lined walls will prevent bacteria and other things seeping into the water at shallower depths.
Thats worth a read ^

Basically a proper well will eliminate any septic tank leaks. I`d imagine alot of our wells here are shallow because of the high rainfall we get.

Its worth bearing in mind that this tax isnt going to be introduced because of a sudden surge in contamination - this has never been a big issue - logic follows that its simply an extra tax to help plug the gap.

I’m assuming the cost of the licences will cover the cost of the administration of the scheme, that is, it is cost neutral to the Government. This type of scheme is a year or tow too late for those in Galway that had to endure horrendous water conditions over the last few years.

Which had SFA to do with septic tanks. This is just another ploy by the green party to alter the 5000+ year old dispersed living pattern of the Irish countryside. Feck off gormless :imp:

Huh? Pure piffle.

Not too sure - they had a UV filter and some other equipment installed - so not a problem now.

There was a recent ruling against the Irish government for not implementing standards though.
I agree that it gives the government an opportunity to grab some money-
(i.e. this licence should cost €40 a year or whatever, and instead it will probably cost €200).

You do know that the Galway water problem was nothing to do with septic tanks nor private wells?
It was all public systems involved. The tax will have no impact on this nor would it have prevented the problem!


Mostly caused by agricultural activity as well as an ancient treatment system failing, but who cares… It’s the rural dwellers who have been responsibly looking after their own systems correctly who will be double charged for a problem that is not of their making!

Perhaps we should introduce a manure tax on every farm animal that shits in a field!

I was wondering how the Greens would come up with a new tax on rural dwellers who provide their own running water through group schemes and therefore cant be hit for water meters like their town counterparts. Well this is it, they took a look at what was happening in Scotland and decided to introduce it here. This will suit the rural FF gombeen politicians as they can blame the the city based Greens. What’s next ?

This is an assault on the Irish Dream. The traditional pattern of living that our forefathers before us died for. Nothing can be allowed to interrupt the natural progression of the Gael.

  1. Get half acre corner of agricultural field in remote corner of nowhere.
  2. Get it rezoned - use corruption as lubricant.
  3. Pick dream mock neo pallaian bungaloid from catalog. 7 beds, 5 baths
  4. Get planning permission by bribing councillors to push through a section 140 motion
  5. Get 100% mortgage for 200k construction cost.
  6. Get half of it built on the black and gerry build the rest yourself.
  7. Pipe your sewage into a box in the garden.
  8. Never go near that shitty box again as long as you live.
  9. Drill well so you can drink your own poo.
  10. Get sky dish
  11. Get cattle grid.
    12 Get concrete eagles for gate posts.
  12. 20 tons of yellow gravel for drive
  13. Buy diesel car and never use your legs again
  14. Divide time between retail parks, builders providers and commuting.
  15. Vote FF and hate green party.

In fairness, you can do 16 without voting FF and the aforementioned 15 steps. :smiling_imp:

How about grants to install these systems? Or how about just having them exempt from this new tax?

Link to constructed wetland company. One of these systems were featured in ‘About the House’ during the week, and it looks the business. It requires a gradient on the site of about 2-5 metres so I suppose all you boggers are confined to a life of drinking each others sh*t. Ah well… It hasn’t done you any harm up 'til now, has it? …!