Another/new price tracking site?

Hi all,

Regular reader, first time poster here. Quick intro: I’m a 26 year old software engineer looking to buy a property, but “holding off” for now, for all the usual reasons. A couple of weeks ago I wrote some software to track; find new houses, compare old houses, find prices changes, etc., and record them all nicely in a database. I did not make a front-end as the data was to be queried by myself, just for personal use. I did think a front-end would be very cool/useful though.

Then I found the three Irish websites (IHH, IPW and collapso) that basically have the same ambition. As I was considering making a website, to provide easy-to-use access to the data I have and will be collecting, I just wanted peoples’ opinions on whether there is a thrist for this?

The existing tracking sites seem a bit “quiet”, as if the authors have lost interest, and, for some reason, seems to “miss” the odd house (still very, very useful tho). Given the exciting (to say the least) future for property in Ireland, I think there’d be demand for an active tracking site.

Not interested in monetizing it in anyway, just think it’d be cool…

Opinions? Also, if anyone wants to contribute their skillz, it’s always welcome.

Watch this space :smiley:


if you could add some more functionality it might be interesting - apartment vs house; 4beds vs 3beds whatever/ apartments vs houses / square feet

Afraid my programming days are in the dim and distant past…

check your PMs

Can now search by type and room count!