Another price this for me please-Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow

We’re currently renting having sold our own house just in the nick of time, so we’re chain free and mortgage approved in principle- ideal buyers in fact. We liked this house.

What do you reckon?

for that for where it is . . . . I would offer 135k no more no less. . .

You have to rent longer than that! :laughing: I wouldn’t pay more than €100k for that, and probably more like €60k. It’s only 1000 sq ft FFS, and a 3 bed supposedly in that. And living in Wicklow I’d want a bigger garden than that.

Drop it. You got out in the nick of time. Relax, rent for a couple of years and then buy something bigger and nicer for less money.

Thanks for the input. I know we need to rent for longer.

We have an almost two year old and another on the way. My heart tells me to buy a family home while my head tells me to run a mile. :slight_smile:

Listen to your head and run away, listen to your heart and find a nice house to rent that will suit your needs in the right location, there are so many to choose from these days. Good luck.

that’s crazy talk. it’s got a covered porch. for that alone, its 61k. minimum