Anti-democratic EU - When voters do not vote the right way

Dutch reject EU-Ukraine deal - → … aine-deal/

Brussels to press on with Ukraine visa plan despite Dutch ‘no’ - → … -dutch-no/

After No Dutchman: Green MEP rejects EU referendum - google translate] → … 86067.html

That statement is dubious at best. There are two major factors which make this referendum anything but a clear indication of the attitude of the Dutch people.

  1. Such referenda are not binding under Dutch law, and the widely held expectation is that the Dutch government will go ahead and ratify anyway, so there was an incentive for the electorate to view this as a vote that did not matter and which was not worth the effort of trying to get to the polling station on a work day.
  2. The 30% threshold for a referendum to be valid creates an odd incentive. I personally know voters who firmly believed in the “For” cause but made the conscious choice not to vote because they hoped that, by abstaining, they could keep the total votes below 30% and therefore the referendum wouldn’t be valid. That almost worked. The turnout was only 32.2%. If another 5.7% of those who voted ‘For’ had abstained it would have been enough.

Well, when viewed in conjunction with other referendi(?) results around the EU over the past few years, perhaps it does reflect the Dutch people’s attitude.

Should we make them vote again!

Agreed, it reflects that attitude of a certain percentage of the population to the EU. It tells us very little about their attitude to Ukraine as even the promoters of the referendum acknowledged that this was just the first issue that presented itself on which it was convenient to hang an EU bashing referendum. To be honest the Dutch people have really gone down in my estimation. To allow their insularity and selfishness to result in them effectively siding with those responsible for the deaths of 200 of their compatriots (MH17), against their fellow victims in that conflict, is reprehensible.