Anti Irish Times Establishment Hit piece on Derek Blighe


Derek Blighe is an Irish Man and Fatter, who dared entered politics without Menace approval.

Baffling… :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

What triggered his views about refugees and asylum seekers is not clear, but he quickly relayed standard far-right conspiracy theories such as The Great Replacement, alleging that Europe is overrun by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

All the Black Marks, the usual :ghost: checklist.

His public confrontations, she says, are designed “to provoke a reaction”, while his online history shows that he shares conspiracy theories about the war in Syria, Infowars’ Alex Jones’ content, climate change denial, the anti-vaccine movement and QAnon. Conspiracy theories have “a snowballing effect”, she warns: “When people buy into one, they will buy into more. This can often lead to people developing a conspiratorial worldview, where they view all events in the world through the lens of a conspiracy.”

…His decision to go into Palyanytsya, a Ukrainian hub on Merchant’s Quay in Cork to challenge staff on September 30th last has had consequences in a way he could scarcely have envisaged. The incident prompted the then Fermoy-based Garda Superintendent Padraic Powell immediately to revoke Blighe’s licence for two rifles and a shotgun, which he legally held at his home.

Local gardaí called to Blighe’s home early on October 3rd to seek surrender of the weapons, but he refused. Later, they later returned with a warrant along with members of the Garda Armed Support Unit. Blighe promptly complied and handed over the guns. It is open to Blighe to reapply for the high-calibre guns, which he has for shooting game, but if gardaí refuse to return them then he will have to go to court, where gardaí will have to outline their objections before a judge who will adjudicate.

He was a lovely boy what went wrong, so much baffling.

In Mallow, one local is unimpressed, saying Blighe did not get his politics from his father: “Denis was a solid union man and he campaigned for refugees – he would be turning in his grave if he thought his son was involved in this sort of stuff,” he said.

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I’d say the only value now of the intel led menace media matrix assets in Ireland is medicinal purposes, for those who just can’t go cold-turkey on the lies and propaganda it would mean many deaths, and so can justify funding the perps of their demise to avoid what they think is worse, the Truth and the Freedom to pursue it.

How did I know that quote was from Aoife Gallagher before I even read the piece?

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One has to wonder whatever was the Slimes thinking. If anything they just elevated Blighes profile. None of the Slimes readers would ever have anything in common with a bricklayer. Blighe now moves from Internet punter to credible anti regime general.

Time will tell if he is a sleeper or the real thing.

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It is regime in panic mode.

We know you like what Derek is saying. Here’s why you’re not allowed to . Racist conspiracy theorist.

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More menace desperation.

What’s going on here? + Comments

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Who gave the order to AIB to have this account cancelled?

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you get no reasons - they will not entertain any discussion…