Antifalopolis Community policing in action!


This tweet has since been deleted.


UN #HumanRights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General describing #Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country.


HQ in Minneapolis (coincidentally?) and very involved in funding BLM and Trans organizations. This is a funnel for other foundations to short circuit support to street movements.

It’s very interesting to see that standard CIA and MI6 tactics of using NGO’s and charities to start protest movements and overthrow governments are now used on American soil for the same purposes.

I think a thorough look at Anti-fa would uncover a lot of FBI involvement and assets in place.



I used to think the trial of the dead Pope Formosus was a low point of medieval irrationality.

Dressed in his official papal vestments, the dead pope sat propped up in a chair. The accused cadaver was assigned a defense lawyer, and the charges were read to him. His nomination as pope was illegal, one of the charges ran, because he had been Bishop of Porto at the time. This flouted canon law, the accused was told. Addressing the corpse directly, Pope Stephen’s counsel asked it: “Being Bishop of Porto, why did you, with great ambition, usurp this See of the Apostle?” A deacon was appointed to speak for the deceased. Sources say he mostly read from prepared statements.

Hanging statues of dead people from lamp posts suggests that maybe we haven’t come very far from those days.


All is not well in the Soy-viet Union. Hilarious watching this little project disintegrate right before our eyes. Within a month these degenerates will all be back in mom’s basement …or dead. :smiley:


As an example of the re-introduction of these kinds of practices and normalisation of ancient but not-so-long-ago-seen-as-barbaric practices, the Burning Man festival has been running since 1986, so that’s 34 years of participation by people from all over the world, as they head off on an annual pilgrimage to burn a giant Strawman and do all kinds of crazy stuff to themselves, to others and their bodies.

There have been innumerable burning effigies of Trump since his election, an unending productions line, most notable the Trump Baby Balloon but you can even buy a Trump (voodoo) doll for your pets to gnaw and chew on - Check out your local pet supply store now!

High on the scale of darkness projected IMHO, was the fake Donald Trump head, covered in Blood as held up by Kathy Griffin and it was reported at the time Trumps young son Barron had seen it and was so deeply disturbed he thought it was real. Then in 2019, Kathy Griffin shared this time a parody of Barron image holding her simulated decapitated head in similar fashion on the twitter machine.

When she posed in 2017 with a mock-severed head of President Trump, comedian Kathy Griffin’s career crumbled. She’s out with a film: Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story , about life after the controversy.

This dark projection absolutely affects people in less than good ways, dark ways.
It absolutely propagates more violence and chaos absolutely.


The statue of Sean Russel in Fairview Park was painted over with the Rainbow flag last night.

I wonder would Sinn Fein care to comment


Carnage continues - Reports are some car rammed barricades or something and lots off shooting etc. etc.

Andy Ngô

The aftermath of the second deadly shooting at Seattle’s “CHAZ” show blood and bullet holes all over the ground and car.


They’ll have to set up a new autonomous zone within the autonomous zone to protest against police violence inside the autonomous zone.


Two black kids (14 and 16 years old) stole a car and entered the Soyviet Union. They were quickly blown to pieces by Antifa. Not good PR. :grinning:

Ugh, I feel dirty clicking on a link for The Guardian. :persevere:


Looks like the whole “police free” zone will soon completely implode, all the authorities need to do is sit and wait.


There are drive-by shootings around 12th/Pine on a regular basis. Almost every night. All gang related. The other side of Madison St is the CD, a quickly gentrifying ghetto. The CHAZ would be CD gang territory so I’d expect the drive-bys to be mostly gangbangers from down in Ranier Valley, South End etc. The thugs from Federal Way and even Bremerton might put in an appearance. Even though the black population has been halved in the last 25 years all the gangs mentioned as shoutouts by Sir Mixalot etc are still around.

The guys in the Cherokee had no guns. As usual not a lot of straight info from the stupid rich white fuckers who are pretend revolutionaries but the stories that the guy who died was executed while injured in the vehicle sounds believable by this stage. Because thats what the black gang guys do. The other kid shot was 14. He was in critical condition last I heard. So maybe a shot in the head too.

The mayor is an worthless political hack. A hereditary Democratic Party machine non entity whose career is based only on the fact her dad was a big Dem boss for decades. The person on the City Council who has been inciting all this violence Sawant is a typical Brahman Maxist from India with all the usual hatreds for the West and the United States that is typical of those who grew up in her comfortable environment in India. A total fraud like Omar. The only difference is that Omar is an actual criminal fraudster with a long history of lies and deceit who uses threats and actual violence to hide her criminality.

Here is a tour of the CD (Central District) from way back, which CHAZ is now an annex of. Broadway is two blocks east of CHAZ…


So far CHAZ has been responsible for the death and wounding of a whole bunch of black kids. No whites hurt badly. Same old story, rich white kids from the suburbs play-acting at revolution cause deaths of poor blacks kids from the ghettos. This is how it always works out.

Other news not covered by RTE and the Irish Times etc, two children shot dead in Chicago last weekend. Both black. One was a baby. Both shot in drive byes. This is in city run by BLM types for the last decades or two. Whenever rich white wokes or black race-baters take over city government and blame the police for all the dysfunction in the black community lots more blacks end up dead. When the police are supported by the city and laws enforced far fewer blacks die.

So BLM = more dead blacks.


This is how fucking stupid the protestors are…

So a whole bunch of mostly white people (dressed in dark clothes) decided to walk onto a very busy freeway through downtown Seattle in the middle of the night. This part of the I 5 freeway southbound is on a long curve right before if goes underground at The Lid. Visibility at the best of time can be iffy. I’ve seen some near misses over the years. There is an awkward on-ramp just before Olive where you have to floor it and often scoot around slow / stopped traffic on the freeway to merge. This is what this guy was trying to do. There was stopped traffic on the freeway he was merging onto.

The young guy driving the car was a African immigrant from East Africa. Either Eritrean or Tigrititi although might be Ethiopian. There is a large East African immigrant community in Seattle who have been very successful. Exceptionally nice people. They seem to run all the parking lots / structures in the city and have been very successful starting small businesses. Not surprised the guy was driving a Mercedes. They are very hard working, put a huge premium on getting a good education, and are very family oriented.

The two moronic protestors hit on the freeway were both very white, looks like typical very smug middle class backgrounds and exactly the sort of low information idiots who would walk onto a freeway in the middle of the night and have the arrogance to expect that everything would stop for them.

The guy is in police custody for his own protection. As he drove away from the scene, I’m sure he was terrified of getting attacked by the mob, lots of those attacks the last few weeks, it was technically a felony hit and run. But based on what I am hearing he will have no problem raising the cash through go-fund-me to pay all his legal costs. People in the city are really fucking angry at these scumbag demonstrators (lots of out of towners) so once it settles down a bit I expect a lot of these people will see their day in court.


Playing on the highway at night time wearing dark clothes. These degenerates idiots got exactly what they deserved. The completely corrupt mainstream media initially attempted to frame it as a “white supremacist” attack and one activist compared it to Charlottesville.


Some more footage of the accident turned up. Taken from the Olive St overpass. The “protest” was not south of the Yale St on-ramp as it looked in the first video. It was just before it. On a blind curve where the on ramp is hidden by large clump of trees and bushes. So anyone in the far right lane would have seen nothing until the last few seconds. Just the cars blocking the left lanes. So beyond stupid. The “protestors” were too fucking lazy to have their protest at 45 St N, about a mile north, where it could have been done safely. But Yale St is the closest on-ramp to Capitol Hill were these affluent middle class white losers mostly live.

I dont quite buy the Seattle PD’s story that the guy entered the freeway illegally. They have to block two freeways to stop all traffic, I-5 and the 520 which merges just north of where the accident was. The PD story is he entered by the Seward offramp. Which might be doable in daylight, not sure about 1am in the morning. Its a long nasty offramp.

Anyway, one of the idiots is dead and the other may end up that way too. The story is being quickly buried nationally and the local media has pretty much erased the race , origins (an Eritrean immigrant) of the driver and is starting to run sanitized media friendly photos of the white women. Not they way the actual looked recently as screaming harpies during demos.

Feel really sorry for the guy and his family. I expect a go-fund-me page to be set up soon for his legal defense. As I said the local East Africans, Eritrean and Tigriti, are some of the nicest people I have ever met… Just watch as the MSM tries to erase this deeply embarrassing story. Dosnt fit the narrative.


I wonder does any of the info or images in this tweet here stack-up with the story of the people involved and surrounding circumstances.


Rainbow warriors down in Seattle… overwhelmed by police bicycle assault, ya have to hand it to the police, that was a rather effective tactic of cognitive dissonance and force of cycle-mounted cavalry.

"…bicycles save the planet man! Oh Shit!"

Video at link has over 1.1M views:


The woman on the right seems to actually live in Portland. The whitest big city in the US. Since the Progressives/Leftist took over Portland politics about 30 years ago the black population has been halved. Same goes for Seattle and San Francisco. SF is down by two thirds over the last 40 years. Less than 5% now. The more left wing the politics of the city the faster the blacks are driven out. Funny that. You would almost think its deliberate. Well the Democratic Party does have a very very long history of trying to drive out blacks and other non-whites from cities. Over 140 years of history starting in the 1820’s. When it comes to political parties the leopard never really changes its spots. Especially when it comes to racial politics.

Lefty whites tend to be very uncomfortable around working class blacks. Who react badly to the lefties patronizing Liberal White Guilt. Lefty whites however just love middle class quota blacks who have done very well out of the racial discrimination of Affirmative Action. These are the blacks screaming the loudest. I dont think I’ve ever seen a working class black in any of the BLM marches. All the blacks marching (not that many) look like typical AA quota people who have done very well by gaming the system.

Watching the video of the idiots on I-5 before the accident I would be surprised if there were more than 5% actual blacks there. Looks around 90% plus white. And you can be pretty certain that almost none of the blacks in the “demo” grew up in the projects or in nasty working class neighborhoods. They all grew up in pretty nice areas and have used their race to get a very easy ride in life. Based on the ones you see shouting all the time in SF and Berkeley. You wont find many who grew up in Hunters Point or the Oakland Flatlands at these demos. Thats a given.