Woke non binary person of no colour, protesting against the oppression of blacks, get killed by a black man driving a Jag, its like a story from the Onion

I wonder will she win a Darwin Award


The Jaguar was white, so The Immigrant Council of Ireland would probably classify it as a race crime.


Here is a very interesting contrast. There was a big demo by black people in Seattle today. Maybe a thousand strong. They marched to a local TV station to make sure their story was being heard. Lots of flags and placards and they were demanding to speak to someone from the TV news dept.

They were Africans from Ethiopia trying to get coverage for the disappearance of two of their community in Ethiopia. The TV station sent out one of the on air reporters to talk to them, the spokesman for the group made a very polite and heartfelt plea and explained to the reporter their story. Every one in the demo was very polite, very well behaved, and once they had said their piece the demo ended and the demonstrators left immediately. Making sure they tidied up after themselves.

Its only stupid white “progressives” with a huge sense of entitlement who hold abusive, disruptive and nasty demos in Seattle in my experience. The idiots from the I-5 accident had a “vigil” demo at the county courthouse last night. Were as abusive and unpleasant as ever but I laughed to see that their “memorial” to the dead moron seemed to have been mostly dumped in the trash cans by the morning. By locals showing what they really think of these idiots.


A good friend has cousins in Chicago, around the time saint Barry won the Dem nomination one of his cousins was on a visit to Ireland, he’s a police officer in Chicago, and he had some interesting opinions on the politics/immigration In the city/country, he said that Barry and co were making millions by using Mexican/Latin immigrants to push blacks out of certain areas, once the blacks were gone the crime dropped and property values went up, and people who invested before the process started made a killing, once gentrification kicked it they made even more

I didn’t believe it at the time, the idea that Saint Barry would be involved in something so underhand seemed crazy, but now I know better, the left and the right just love property scams and low wages


Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Barry Soetoro was surely the most corrupt of all US presidents.


Antifa are getting ready to oppose the protest at the GPO this Saturday that’s being organised against the Minister for Children over the Tatchell controversy


Not an “organisation”.
Just a series of random coincidences, I suppose?


Define Fascism?


I want to hear your definition of “fascism”.

If you don’t know, that’s no harm either. Just say so.


The point is that, in my experience, when I ask many of the people who call themselves anti-fascist what is fascism and why are they anti it…they struggle to articulate clearly what is fascism and why they are opposed to it. In my mind, this leads me to suspect that these people may be under the influence of some form of group think ideology.


The following (especially the comments) is worth a read re Antifa Ireland.


I dont know about the “Antifa” guys you might hang out with but the real life “Atifa” guys in both Berkeley and Portland are both very well organized and have engaged in out right terrorism for quite a few years now. The guys in Portland are even scarier than the hard-core casseurs in France. Very violent psychopaths. Total nut-cases. The guys in Berkeley tend to be more middle class poseur fantasy wannabe revolutionaries. Real in your face in a mob, rather pathetic one on one. With the usual admixture of nasty psychos of course. Pretty much a given with all “revolutionaries”

EDIT Just saw the post above. Perfect, the guy who founded Antfa Ireland is a pedophile. Par for the course for these people. At least in the Bay Area the various hard core political “activist” organizations are a haven for all kinds of predators and abusers. Some of the worst case of domestic violence and abuse I’ve heard of were by very active members of these types of organizations. And of course the other members always backed the abusers never the victims.


Why don’t you get down to the Chinese Embassy and do a spot of protesting?


I’m not scared of those losers. Well no more than any other psychopaths and creeps. But I am intrigued as to why you are are defending them. One of these ersatz revolutionaries perhaps. Get a little frisson by associating with these “street fighters”?

I find your comeback fascinating. Quoting an article in The Atlantic, that bastion of objectivity. (Once upon a time it was worth reading…) Now pretty much all the “activist” types I’ve run into over the decades, when not straight trust fund babies doing nothing, are without exception in very low stress, low ability non jobs. Or “work” for some government entity or other. Or some scam NGO. Again, all non jobs. The very definition of pointless people.

Whereas the law enforcement people i know work in very high stress jobs with a very high risk of random violence at any time on shift. Of course the other difference is the law enforcement folk are overwhelming working class while with the “activists” types the few non middle class types stand out like sore thumbs. They are so unusual. And as we both know middle class folk, the professional classes and their kids, are very very good at gaming the system when it comes avoiding embarrassing situations like domestic abuse coming to the notice of the authorities. And getting into the official statistics.

Generally the rich middle class “activists” who are abusers and predators only get entangled with the legal system when the victims end up in hospital and they cant cover it up. And even then, they usually use their rich parents or friends to buy very good lawyers who get them off on legal technicalities. Where as the law enforcement people lose there jobs and dont have rich parents to bail them out.

The world might be slightly different in your neck of the woods but thats exactly how the radical activist world works in my neck of the woods.

And as for Anifa, it is just like with all left wing radical sloganeers. The truth is always the exact opposite of the words used…

Peoples Republic = Totalitarian Dictatorship.
Peoples Democracy = Rule by Self Appointed Party Appparat…
Ownership by the People = Ownership by the Party
Anarchism - All actual power in the hands of a small clique of insiders.
Anti-Fascists = actual Fascists.


I thought Twink got evicted from Rathfarnham! Then I remembered this is Ireland, and lo and behold:

Yep, the nice judge let her go back to paying €209.80 monthly which, by my reckoning, clears the mortgage in just about a hundred years.

(Sorry, could resist trying to bring this site back to its property roots. Anyone remember those?)


Yea I remember that alright… That was before we passed through the QE looking glass.
Anti-fa et. al are IMHO, indirect consequences of all that.

A functioning market beckons on the other side of limbo. Then perhaps we get back to rational discussion about properties. Until the big flush, it will probably be more of the same.


…“I had a source that told me, I was not able to confirm it, that one of the reasons that the Seattle mayor finally acted is that they were given notice that if they didn’t act that you were going to. Is there any truth to that?” Hannity asked.

“A hundred percent,” Trump replied. “We were going in, we were going in very soon, we let them know that. And they, all of a sudden, they didn’t want that. So they went in before we got there.”

“But we were going in very shortly, very soon, and we would have taken the CHOP, they call it, CHOP. We would have taken it back very easily,” the president added. “But they went in and, frankly, the people just gave up, they were tired, they had it for a very long period of time.”

Later on in the interview, Trump added, “We were all set to go into Seattle. Quite frankly, I looked forward to it.”


This is a interesting story from the Antifa thugs in Portland…

Not the vicious attack on a white guy lead by a black thug with a long criminal record, but how the story was reported in the Oregonian, the local “serious” newspaper, which was once a first class newspaper with a great reputation for quality journalism.

Now the journalist, and I use that term loosely, is a certain Shane Dixon Kavanaugh who it turns out is one of those kiddie journalist cum bloggers who turns out lots of very “progressive” SJW stories for a lot of outlets. So another minimum wage stringer who probably has other sources of income, because you dont make enough money to live on in that line of work. Not even in Portland.

Now were it gets interesting is the claim in his news story that the white guy who was badly beaten was some kind of drunk white racist. The source of this information, some guy who worked in a bar and who claimed to have witnessed it. Now the guy in the bar is one Sam Pape who surprise surprise is not only a virulent ANIFA supporter but is also a guy who writes for various online publications as well. Probability that Kavanaugh knows Pape and his background and political opinions in a town like Portland, 100% guaranteed. It’s a very small business in a city like Portland. This SJW journalism lark.

So a completely fraudulent piece of journalism. In what is supposed to be a reputable “serious” big city newspaper. Although the actual daily newspaper circulation has dropped from 300k to maybe only 40K in the last two decades the S.I.Newhouse organization still run this as some kind of “serious” newspaper. By this stage it rates well below the two local freesheets, which are no great shakes, as any kind of source of reputable news. And both the freesheets have been completely raving left wing loony for decades.

And that boys and girls is how vicious left wing Antifa violence is blamed on “White Supremacists” . By outright fabrication and lies. By people who make claims to be objective journalists. In what are purportedly serious newspapers which provide quality journalism.


Yeah, I said a few weeks back that these violent extremists in Portland, Seattle etc were human trash who deserved to be shot on sight but someone got triggered by my post and reported it.
These democrat-run cities are becoming totally lawless shitholes and we can most likely expect a mass exodus in the coming months and years.


Here is a typical nights haul of Anifa rioters in Portland. All bailed almost immediately by deep pocket “benefactors”. One number I heard for the bail fund for the rioters is over $600K…

Notice how many of the black underclass and oppressed are in these mugshots. Most of these white fuckers work in the expected places, governments jobs or low skill no skill slacker occupations. There is one CPA there though. She is the one looking very unhappy.

There are two actual real life blacks in the crew. Both women. One is a self described “actress”, the other someone with a history of criminal assault it seems.

The other thing you need to know about Portland is the current mayor is a (very rich) trust fund baby who went to Stanford, Columbia and Harvard. Enough said. A typical rich kid wanker who spouts social justice shite.