Why does the link for domestic terrorist organisation redirect to


It doesn’t, Mr Pepe man. It redirects to some anarchist news website. Though who it redirects to is largely irrelevant - it’s just a cheap domain name returning a 302 to wherever. There’s no information regarding who actually owns it.


For the last few weeks it was redirecting to the official JoeBiden website. Seems to have been update to a new domain overnight.


Seems you’re right. has it serving 301s to Biden’s site starting 8th of August. Prior to that it was some Geocities-esque placeholder page:

Either way, I don’t think that one can read into it too much. It’s just some crappy website.


This soy-fueled manlet is an “Antifa commander”.:smiley:


Oh Look - it’s Q’s big brother


This kid is Q’s big brother? No idea where you’re going with this…


I imagine the idea is that Q is a spotty teenager in a basement somewhere. Sounds about right to me. However, even though your Antifa commander above looks like a spotty juvenile, from the description he’s a pretty dangerous felon. Anal Dump is right to want these thugs off the streets.



Conspiracy loons cover your ears, it’s an MSM reporter.


Anti-fa 2020 seems to be a rebranding of…

by trendster lefties.

  1. These groups are usually organized and controlled at the top
  2. They attract emotionally unstable people looking for an outlet for their often inherently violent tendencies

(Same applies to all similar kinds of groups across the political spectrum)


Anarchy continues to require organisation, of the Just-In-Time market kind.


Funded by scrotum face. :thinking:


Shockingly honest report from Irish Times on Anti-fa Ireland. I assume it will get edited.

Archived link:


Who the fuck do they think they are to be asking anyone for ID?

If have to reckon a large percentage of the country would tell them to go and fuck themselves.


When is an ambush not an ambush ?

When it’s a “violent exchange” conducted by Far Left fellow travellers of media lefties.



Man who has had his front teeth smashed out responds…(Warning…clips of man with 1 tooth absent and other tooth hanging loose + talking)


Scumbag domestic terrorists. Hopefully they’re all rounded up and shot after the election.


Reports US Capitol Building has been "stormed"