You clearly know as little about the Great War as about the topic at hand


Can you recount every word Donald Trump has ever said?
that’s a nonsense sort of argument


@Col. Max Pyatnitski
Sorry, they are questions, (not arguments) and they weren’t directed at you.

If all is too much to ask, then…

How many other groups can you list that were present at these protests?

  1. Right Non-Violent
  2. Right Violent
  3. Left Non-Violent
  4. Left Violent
  5. Oath Keepers


An important message from Emperor Mini-Hands:

Well, then. Okay, maybe that’ll play well with some Southern whites, but it’ll alienate pretty much everyone else. John Kelly is probably wishing he’d gotten a nice easy job in Afghanistan, now.


IMHO President Trump made a good general point about the flushing of statues of historical figures down the memory hole.

Where does it end he asked…?

List of Presidents of the United States who owned slaves

  • George Santayana


Let’s see who was behind the rally

Only Wiki of course, but I don’t see much mention of historical heritage organizations.

Kessler organized the rally after his involvement with a previous rally,, which gained media attention for featuring torch-wielding white supremacists.

I’m not fully supportive of removing statues for political reasons, but you have to recognise the political reasons for erecting the statues in the first place.

@worstpigeon: I believe that email is from Trump’s lawyer, not from Trump


Nope. One side is made up of mainly scummy elements. The other has a small lunatic fringe.

Way to go with being even-handed, though :laughing:


Look proof the were not all scum!
Some are not even carrying klan like torcheas


Ok. Words of one syllable and bullet points only.

  1. Day of rally was Saturday.

  2. By Friday, it was clear this was a Klan/Nazi rally (men with torches, robes, swastika flags, “Blood and soil” chants.

  3. The list of speakers was headed by Richard Spencer, well-known Nazi salute/Heil Trump guy.

  4. After seeing Friday’s march by torch light with armed men in camo gear/Nazi flags/white actual Klan robes, then same again on Saturday, most fine people would take brisk walk to some place else.

  5. If you are still there Saturday, marching along with lots and lots of Nazis, your claim to be a fine person is weak.

  6. I find the likelihood of accidental participation/hilarious misunderstanding not one I can believe. That is literally what happened in an episode of Father Ted.

I see Werpen is way ahead of me with the visual aids.

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No. Antifa as an organisation, is Anti-Fascist.
Fascists tend to be exceptionally nasty persons (SA, Blackshirts, Klan, White Pride, skinheads in 1970s Britain et al.) who use violence and intimidation as a matter of course.
If they get a taste of their own medicine and some prick in a Klan robe gets a faceful of pepper spray, that is rock bottom of my list of things I care about.

This is not a free speech issue.
Freedom of expression and a free press are constitutionally protected as a check and balance on government, not so that some angry little brat can scream the N word.

But yes, you’re right. This shite is not worth the time it takes to argue over. I’ll go do something productive. Have a nice day.

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Did that one even need to be debunked? It was a really obvious photoshop.


Well, I know a repugnant regime when I see one. More than canon fodder or poppy wearers seemingly.

You’re correct in that I don’t pay much/any attention to America or the Alt-right. But I know the Far Left and their globalist corporate bed fellows.

Interesting 14 August initial response I thought here -> … dent-right


Wow, someone is unironically posting an article from frustrated male website Return of Kings. By “rape should be legalized on private property” himself.


Ok so we’ve learned you find the article uninteresting ? Progress I suppose. Maybe only ever read things you agree with and you’ll be safe.


Why should I read the verbal dribblings of repugnant individuals? What next, will I have to do detailed deconstructions of “interesting” articles from Stormfront? InfoWars?


I encourage our resident leftists to listen to this. XD


Antifa are a domestic terrorist organisation and a violent and intolerent hate group.

Even the New Jersey Dept. of Homeland Security has labeled them as “anarchist extremists”. … sts-antifa