Get me some discussion that doesn’t feature men’s rights activists and Fox news pundits with the credibility problems usually associated with previous convictions for fraud and then I’ll listen.


Thanks for the link. I read the rest of the document, which lists the offences of the antifa movement as an incident of doxing a member of white supremacist group, one of protesting and disrupting a speech and a “small fight”. The document does not state any threat level to New Jersey.

The group against whom they are violent and intolerant, are likewise listed: … extremists
lists white supremacists as a moderate threat to New Jersey, and lists offences of the movement as including mass murder and racketeering. It also quotes the ADL’s statistic that over 70% of domestic terror incidents in the United States are perpetrated by white supremacists.

You see Antifa as a significant cause for concern, however?

Edit to add, for clarity:

I do not want violence used in this context or any other. I strongly believe that there is a peaceful solution to every problem. Education, negotiation, conflict resolution, co-operation and justice all achieve what violence never will.
Violence damages the minds and bodies of those who use it, as well as those against whom it is used. I include Antifa in this, and I believe that they should not use it or the threat of it.

However, the white supremacist and fascist movements have used intimidation and violence throughout their history (again, I am talking about the Blackshirts, the Brownshirts, Ku Klux Klan, the skinheads in 1970 and 80s Britain and others).
Antifa is a small fringe group, the utmost extreme of the left wing. For the white supremacist movement to now portray themselves as put-upon victims of powerful forces of hate and oppression is some breath-taking hypocrisy.
There are so many people in the world struggling against unimaginable oppression and injustice. Fascists noisily complaining about being pepper-sprayed by “Jew-lovers” while marching under a swastika flag - they are making it very difficult to care about them.


Sounds like an attempt to demonize groups who oppose Fascism.


There’s opposing fascism and Antifa, it will probably get to a point where in an attempt to demonise Trump people will get mealy mouthed in trying to justify groups like Antifa.


And, indeed, Bannon didn’t last the week (he claims he was given the push a couple of weeks ago, but the White House disputes this; who knows…)


Mollie, you may dislike those guys but everything claimed in that video is verifiable. I guess you don’t want to hear the truth though. :angry:

So there’s a “right wing” free speech rally in Boston on Saturday. Guess we can expect more violence and intolerence from the alt left. …


Dinesh D’Souza. Top notch stuff. … isfortune/


Patheos. Top notch stuff.

They’re a satirical website.


Pleased to meet you Mr Poe.


Not sure what that is. I don’t watch cartoons.


Ah, here, you’ve posted Fox News videos before, so clearly do :smiley:


Nope, I honestly have no idea who it is. :astonished: And I don’t remember ever posting Fox News videos here.


Needs must BLM & KKK bus pooled according to this chap though he may not be the primary witness in this story (not entirely clear in the audio).

Meanwhile Charlottesville town hall meeting gets shouty.


Georgie Soros’ paid protesters. The only way these self-hating, unemployable losers will ever find gainful employment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmm. Is it a Soros liberal conspiracy or a joo conspiracy. Hard to know when your source is Alex Jones.


I can honestly say that I’ve never watched an Alex Jones video.


It’s really annoying when the “e” and “w” key stop working on a keyboard. Meanwhile those with working keyboards compiled a list. I have no idea how accurate it is. It’s rather large and such accusation are not exactly new in terms of what George Soros would like to see happen in the world and it is the case that according to the washington times one of the pro-aboriton groups in Ireland let slip that they had had some funding from a Soros connected fund or group and had to send it back there also appears to be more going on or planned according to this online article sourced via

There is also dedicated thread here in relation to the influence of George Soros.


Sales are up with what may be the last Confederate flag maker. I wonder have any orders shipped to Cork in recent times.


I assume most of them are already made in China, and will continue to be. That’s certainly the case for US flags.

EDIT: Just looked on Aliexpress (which is the go-to place for Chinese-made stuff). Multiple Chinese flags of US flags, Irish flags, even Irish county flags, but a search for “confederate flag” comes up blank. Maybe it’s harder to get these than I thought.

EDIT2: Apparently Aliexpress banned sale of confederate stuff after the Dylann Roof massacre. So there probably still are Chinese manufacturers, they just don’t have an easy distribution channel.


Another story linked in above story claims police were told or at least suspected of being given orders to stand down from a police source. It was also claimed shortly after the recent Berkley (Milo) campus riots the Police seemed to stand down and do nothing to help anyone.

Former Rebel media staff, Faith Goldy’s periscope video captures the car crash as she was metres form the scene. In this video she also notes a lack of policing at one point as the Antifa, BLM and Clowns get going. You may watch her periscope vid on youtube (includes crash, less graphic than a typical blockbuster movie) -