Anitfa those earnest masked crusaders seem to be no match for the weaponised autism of 4Chan keyboard warriors.

During a previous event around may, a guy got a savage belt in the head from a masked assailant, in what can only be described as one of the most cowardly attacks you might ever witness (video is in first link). It didn’t take long for 4Chan members through sheer ability and creative play to successfully identify the masked perpetrator as college professor Eric Clanton.

See this swell guy and his trademark skull-bashing-u-lock special move and how /pol managed to identify him resulting his arrest.


Newspunch seems to be the new name for Yournewswire, which mixes legitimate news with conspiracy theories. For example, the site has a story about “A boxing promoter who had been working on the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor bout, was found dead within hours of warning the fight is fixed”
But it’s bullshit, uses photos from the 2002 sniper attack, and has a doctored image of a Washington Post

This site also claims that the Charlotteville killer was a Hillary supporter and that the killer’s car was rammed.

Now conspiracy theories might be fun and all, when you never have to experience the damage they do, but try reading outside your own conspiracy theory bubble.


I’m a longwinded keyboardist at times so this might be more efficient. Here goes:

OW: Original Post
PW: … because (hold hand) snopes + strawmans be here (scary).
OW: Russia?


Dis-info, it’s everywhere cause it’s… dis-info. It might be under your bed. BOO!


I’m starting to think Antifa are bashing skulls to feed on inner goo… link contains pic of seemingly resultant gash to mans head.

Innocent until proven guilty but /pol feel they have ID’ another masked skull bashing Antifa member using tattoo and previous conviction data.


So apparently the baby-Nazis were discussing driving cars into people prior to Charlottesville. Via some ultra-secure end to end encrypted system? Well, no, via Discord, a glorified irc system aimed at gamers: … ked-chats/

Not the smartest of terrorists.


Yea stoopid is as… but yea, this internet thing has to be stopped, who knows they might have even been inspired by the multiple Islamic car/van/trunk (I’ve lost count/type) free for all across Europe or worse watched a youtube video (of a news report covering an vehicular attack!) but as written elsewhere do you think you’ll be allowed drive your electric car in the not so distant future, probably not. At least this doesn’t cause Apple some FBI heart burn for a change. :angry:


Antifa doxxers misidentify a college prof.

what goes around, cometh around… … xxing.html


Frank Somerville is a straight up TV reporter who I’ve watched for decades on KTVU out of Oakland. The station with consistently the best local news coverage for the last few decades. Basically he is about as straight as they come. And he grew up in Berkeley. Everyone who is from the Bay Area and who has paid any attention to the local news over the last few decades would recognize him immediately. There are four or five instantly recognizable (to locals) Bay Area TV anchors/journalists. He is one of them.

This is what he saw in Berkeley on Sunday.

I’ve run into quite a few “Antifa” types over the years in the Bay Area. They are a political cliche locally. Almost without exception they are either nasty vicious violent psychopaths, thugs pure and simple, or just seriously deranged and / or mentally ill. They disproportionately come from very comfortable if not wealthy families, the vast majority in my experience, and they love to act out their violent nihilist fantasies if given a chance. Its got absolutely nothing to do with politics. Beyond simplistic slogans they are profoundly ignorant of politics and history. Its all about using politics as an excuse to act out their violent fantasies. Narcissism in its purest form.

In day to day life they are little better as individuals. Vicious, lying, manipulative, abusive scum. All the most horrific cases of domestic violence I’ve run into locally were committed, without exception, by these type of people. One of the most high profile “Antifa” types at KPFA almost beat to death one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. After years of abuse. And they welcomed him back after he was released from prison on a legal technicality. I’m sure he was one of the people in black in Berkeley. Thats very much his scene.

So based on a pretty large sample over the years I think pepper spray and tear gas is too nice a way of dealing with the street thugs in black. Live rounds, preferably heat shots, would make the world a much much better place. Fucked up rich kids cause far too much misery in the world. Which is who the “Antifa” people mostly are.

Fucked up poor kids might become white supremacists. Who are scary little fuckers in their own right. But I’ve yet to meet a right wing loony who is purely obsessed with violence and causing pain and GBH to others whereas with the “Antifa” types its all about the violence. Pure and simple. And nothing else. They are the true totalitarian fascists. Who try to use power in its purest form, the overt threat of naked violence, to suppress and intimidate anyone they perceive to be their “enemy”. Which by definition is any who dares not to agree with them. I’m absolutely certain that if I was not 6ft 1, 220lb, and built like a brick shit house, over the years at least several of them would have taken a swing at me. But one on one, like all bullies, they are all just sniveling little cowards. For all their violent braggadocio when assembled in a braying mob.

Utterly worthless little shits. And mostly parasites of one form or another.


Seems more of those invisible police out in force today - Journalist amid Antifa Berkeley Riots: “Police have completely disappeared … People getting beaten up”


Hulk Hogan must be hard up for cash. :nin

Supposedly the guy has been arrested and charged with discharging a fire arm wihtin 1000 metres of a school. :neutral_face: It’s a very odd and new angle to this scene people have probably already seen in still images. Some online comments claim it’s a blank, it’s a setup (you need to watch those around him find their positions, it’s almost like role play) others claim that the crowd simply doesn’t react as you would expect when someone pulls a gun like this in a tight crowd already highly tense. It does look a bit bizzare for a chap waving and firing a round and then walking off as if they only bumped shoulders.

Usually instincts kicks in and people peg it. I’ve seen and been in a bomb scare for some comparison, it goes like this … Huh wha? BOMB! …RUN!!! run


That’s one characterisation which may hold some grains of truth but no one is entirely excluded from redemption and so in this recent interview with a former Antifa member with Stefan Molyneux we get a deep insight into one persons journey into the left a la Antifa style, a “scene” as it’s described at one point.

It’s a long one and a bit of work at the start as the caller outlines family background and upbringing but I think entirely worth the listen as it sets up the overall demo-social story and thus insight.

I also think this interview serves as a comprehensive enough summary of what is informing the rise of conservatism in opposition or attempts to transcend the mainstream hysteria and hysteria of all the self styled Rainbow Warriors form the political Top to the flaming and thrashing grass roots.

It might help to make some sense of the media hysteria built around the figurehead that is their (msm) Trump.

I note here for later reference the callers analogous observation of the power structure of Antifa resembling, “Primates”.


The one in this video certainly seems to fit that characterisation:


I assume the antifa crowd are some variation of anarchist clowns. I cant say i have heard of them before


Might that be a comment on the uselessness of main stream media to report anything beyond the script they are handed?


Good point. i would say most MSM attempts to frame it in there own left right conservative liberal silos. Click bait with a few notable exceptions.


That’s my assumption too – the same goons that burn stuff at the G20 summits etc.


Outside of the US (and this is a thread in it’s own right), to me what seems like Right is left and what seems like not Right, is Left. Do you follow? Maybe Ireland is just all Centre but actually Left when you drill down of a particular local variety but very much Globalist in it’s strokes (but that is not new it’s just no one really notices to my mind) and they’re still fighting Communism in the US according to Americans online and this is the last stand.

Antifa is not new (Started in Europe I think), a variform of Droogus more like… where, it feels like Clockwork orange more days than not, these days.


A lot more alien to the US for many reasons methinks. From what I can tell online the average American looks on at it in nothing but a mix of contempt and hilarity but generally seriously unimpressed and not afraid to confront it.

WTF is this resistance lark anyhoo?

When did fighting against the results of US presidential election become the revolution? What is their proposed alternative? Facisim? Mob Rule?

The gnarly answer coming from Americans online seems to be; no, it’s Communism (Globalist?).

Can you believe it’s down to this again?


Right from the day after the US presidential election, hundreds of these clowns with professionally printed “socialist party” placards and banners were protesting outside of Trump Tower. :open_mouth:

It boggles the mind that they couldnt be arsed campaigning instead go straight to the takeover. They think they’re about to deliver a non capitalist utopia and if everyone gets on board it would happen :unamused:

Stefan describes the anarchists in Spain (over 2 mins in) about mocking the mass and then killing the priests , awfully similar to ISIS!

I used to think that Antifa were deep rooted Nazis (look at the colour scheme FFS), now I think they’re same as ISIS, complete with same objectives in destroying liberal democracies.


Maybe anti-fascists are a direct reaction to fascists? hmmm… Could it be that they are two sides of the same coin?

Still better to be anti-fascist than pro-fascist.