That’s what people supporting Stalin thought too


And also the ones who supported Churchill and Roosevelt. Maybe it’s possible to be anti-fascist and not a Stalinist?


Of course.

But the anti-Fa is more of a violent cult than a defender of liberal democracy.

I’ve come across a number of people who would have been on the margins of this stuff in a couple of different locations over the years and they tended to be people who have very little actual regard for the people on whose behalf they claim to be acting i.e. actual working class people who go to work every day

In fact the new obsession with identity politics means they can now legitimately hate upon working class people if they are white or male etc


You’re not the first person to notice that and more importantly it’s not lost on Americans or Kekistanians

No idea of the source or veracity of this image below but it would only serve to reinforce the average thesis based on the above visual comparison.

All that is required is a complicit mainstream media to denude the consuming masses of possibly ever or even quickly understanding the origins of ISIS, with same again regards Antifa (+ most any subject/event). Why anyone views the MSM as anything but weaponised platform of War and therfore potentially 100% disinfo I can’t really explain other than… coma 27+ years?


No, by picking one side you support both and by virtue an unrecognised third.


I’m not sure about that image above. I’m guessing it’s actually a shot from Kobane or similar where genuine anti fascists from Turkey and elsewhere, to include a small number of western volunteers, are actually fighting against ISIS in the Kurdish YPG.

I’ve read that there have been some difficulties between some the Anti Fa contingent and some of the
Local militias who, despite being opposed to ISIS, wouldn’t necessarily share many of the same values.


That’s not relevant to my point but point taken.

My point is about how it will be perceived by Americans. The beholder has more than a suspicion that all the sides are as Coles2 put it, sides on the same coin.

Who minted the coin? Who tossed it? Who dictated you may choose only heads or tails and so on is really the growing interest.


That’s ironic x 2 from an Irishman
“Two sides of the same coin” was a perennial catchphrase about Northern Ireland. Always repeated by the ignorant.
“Better anti-fascist than fascist” is of course based on the assumption they are “anti fascist” and those they oppose are always “fascist” which is really giving them more credit than they’re due

What I think is that the Anti-Fa’s are wetting themselves with delight at Trumps election. They think it has proven them right and see it as a huge opportunity



Many of these people have spent their lives fantasizing about the Spanish civil war. I’m guessing that they think they might get to recreate it sometime soon


I think you are projecting a lot here.
You’re assuming they have heard of the civil war. Id say highly unlikely that they know much given they have gone through an American ed system.


“Two sides of the same coin” was also a perennial catchphrase about Morecambe and Wise, and Bill and Ted, and that also has nothing to do with my comment.


Antifa organising protest against Ben Shapiro in Utah infiltrated by Canadian TV producer and caught planning armed violence.
But perhaps the most surprising thing about the footage was the fact that mainstream media reporters AND police essentially told Crowder & Co. to get lost when they shared it with them.


First some comedy gold.

Second, no joke.


Open window, what is it about far right YouTube that you like so much?
Is it the conspiracy mindset?
Your youtuber believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
He also believes that the Holocaust is a lie to further the agenda of the NWO.

Oh, and killing gay people is not murder, merely capital punishment.


A full page advert was taken out in the New York Times to announce Nov 4th as a day of protest that is being linked to “Antifa”. Seems it’s about the little problem of ahem, the elected “regime” you see. That must have cost a few pound unless they had a gift card or something. :angry:

If you feel like dropping along it’s Nov 4th across the US and seems all are welcome, except maybe Trump & Pence.

“The movement has been compromised” -


And apparently the US Dept. of Defense will be carrying out a simulated EMP attack drill this weekend which will “simulate a very bad day scenario”. Might be an eventful weekend. :unamused:


I’ve read that advert cost $100K, so maybe it’s a misdirection but by whom? :nin


Terms like “Antifa”, “Social Justice Warriors”, or “virtue-signalling”, are like name tags at a corporate conference. The usage of terms like that is just a way for someone to identify themselves as a thundering extreme-right alt-reality twonkwomble who gorges on far-right neo-fascist lunacy from the likes of Breitbart and all the hysterically ranting white-supremacist youtubers.


Ermm, antifada and sjw terms were coined by people who refer to themselves as antifada and social justice warriors, so I think you maybe a bit confused here.

And virtue signalling is just another term for showing off.


Eric Clanton probation deal. You gotta love it when you benefit from Middle Class White Privilege :stuck_out_tongue: … sault-case