Any chance of a change of username?


…to something a bit more cuddly. I’m taking inspiration from Michael O’Leary and looking for a more user friendly image. That and the fact that my beloved DSE no longer exists. Happy to declare in my signature.


DBS3Br perhaps?


What was DSE anyway? Excusing my ignorance.


Dublin South East. It’s gone the way of McDowell and Gormley.





combing South County Dublin and BER in one easy to remember username.


I have a range of cuddly names on demand.

May I suggest dse200306.2 :-GC


Ye’ll be tellin’ the poor poster to call themself R2D2 or 3CP0 or OB1KN0B next!

I have aways assumed the 2003 is your year of birth!


Now that’s what I call austerity … starting work more than 20 years before you’re born.

Although retiring at age nine could be a sign of the recovery. 8)