Any mods about?

There doesn’t seem to be a report mechanism and their have been statements made on a thread that although no one has been identified, I think the pin may want to delete.

If you look at the welcome forum, you can use the PMs in there for any of the admin / moderating team…

The thread was looked at by some others earlier, I haven’t read it in depth yet…

Oi! I was reading that thread! Where’s it gone? :laughing:

What thread ? :wink:

I tried to pull it out of Google’s cache. No joy. :cry:

Ok this is all getting very cryptic now
What was the jist of the thread that was deleted?
Obviously without gving away whatever was supposed to be hidden.

Please refrain from visiting the subject matter of this thread.


Bah! I thought it might have been a rocker looking for a fight.

It was entitled – “Who was talkin down Anglo on Paddies day?”

Are the IFSRA inspectors going to be examining the pin?

I’d say it’s not just the IFSRA who’d like to see an end to the chat those goes on in here.

Really? This topic started on Feb 26th so that seems unlikely…

Never let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is related to a gentleman who came on the pin and made some allegations about unnamed people and then said the other named people were corrupt. Dangerous stuff. So a reader wanted to get the thread shut before the Pin was sued.
There were also suggestions of someone trying to sabotage the Pin
Truth stranger than fiction.

Sabotage eh! Must have been asleep on that watch :wink:

Similar thread to the one deleted turned up on AAM on the 16th.

How do you post a picture that is locally held on your harddrive?


upload it to

they’ll provide the code to use to post it on a forum

Is there anywhere we can discuss moderation? (moderately of course)

Or should I just PM my favourite mod?


There ya go.

yeah… great
thanks… very useful that has proven in the past…

We’re customer service orientated. And given the handsome remuneration package, we give a standard of service that is unparalleled. 8)