any new housing estate developments in he pipeline?

Hi long time lurker on the pin-
I was half thinking of moving recently and have been looking around various parts of Dublin and some commuter towns further out.

I had my eye on a few fixer upper bungalows avg 100m sq around dublin and did a very rough estimate as to how much it would likely cost to upgrade-ie new heating,solar panels, electrics, new windows& doors, heat recovery unit and airtightness tape,new insulated sills and cavity closers, insulate the floor slab and screed, insulate attic and walls(internal kinspan on battens and skim), new kitchen& bathroom, full redecorate, new floor finishes, prov sum for roof repairs and drainage and contingency sum.And it all totted up to about 90k incl vat. :confused: not to mention it would be a difficult job.Im no expert but I reckoned the upgrade could get the house up to a B in the BER rating.

Now if I was to mov id like to move to a n energy efficient house so I then started to look at new housing- most of the new housing is leftoer stock from 2006/07 and are not tempting because there not many spacious houses with driveways etc. and whilst they have lovely kitchens and bathrooms dont seem very energy efficient nor do they have to be as they are compliant with the old Part L Building regs- Just a thought is there or is there likely to be any new housing developments in the offing that comply with the new Part L regs in or around dublin-people are saying there is now a shortage of quality family homes in parts of dublin or are we going to be stuck wth the 06/07 shite leftovers and overpriced refurbs for the forseeable future?

I know of is although that has been due to start for quite a while now. They are aiming for A grade houses. Specs at one point went as far as including rain water collection and solar panels.

There was planning put in for a pretty large estate in Swords too by Gannon but I believe the planning has now expired. It was in the information gathering stage with the council a few months back when I looked.

You will be waiting quiet a few years until you see any meaningfull new developments being built in Dublin.

Per website

Having lived near there before, I can safely say that nothing could ever convince me to go back.

Actually, as you bring it up, just wondering about the new building standards.

I’d imagine any newly built houses in the future would in effect be receiving a B rating or higher when complying with the new regulations…

As in, the regulations wouldn’t say you need a B or higher to pass, but the min specs required in any new build, would in effect provide for a B rated house or higher.

Meeting the new standards increase the cost of building and drive prices higher (not that I disagree with them, rather I accept their implications).

There will be no new developments until pricing allows a new developer to enter the market, buy a site, build his houses and make a reasonable profit.

For the avoidance of doubt a reasonable profit is 10-12% p.a. and very few developments are completed (start to finish) within 3 years. So the finish price of a new house needs to includes a profit margin for the developer of 25 to 30%.

Would you invest your money and do it for anything less.

Found a thread here for anyone interested … 2056711216

Yeah currently A3 and will be pushed higher to A2 over the next few years. All part of Kyoto agreement, so it won’t be reversed. It will be tougher to comply, meaning that even now it is impossible to comply with Regs without getting proper construction drawings. Building standards on site are also being forced up - which will increase costs - dramatically at first, then reducing as people get used to them.

You’d be delighted with an A3 or higher. Once off higher cost to build up to spec, but you’d have a lifetime of savings of heat and electricity

And a lifetime to payoff the cost.

Some developments in Cherrywood, South Co. Dublin got the go-ahead and others some funding recently:

Offices and parking:

'The banking syndicate is making funding available to fit out a new office block extending to 9,898 sq m (106,540 sq ft). Floor plates will vary in size from 745 sq m to 2,685 sq m. The banks have also agreed to bankroll a second office building, Block F, which will have a floor area of 10,850 sq m (116,787 sq ft).

Cherrywood already has planning permission for two other buildings, a nine-storey block with a floor area of 9,802 sq m and a second four-storey block extending to 4,784 sq m.’


'Council to build new homes

A DUBLIN local authority plans to build almost 8,500 new homes on a greenfield site over the coming decades.

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council has approved a masterplan for the Cherrywood area, a site of 264 hectares which is mostly in agriculture use. The plan includes three villages and a new town centre which will be served by the Luas.’