Any opinions on Haven Mortgages

As per the title… looking at mortgage through a broker, and it seems that while AIB don’t deal with brokers any more, one of their subsidiaries called Haven Mortgages do. Broker says they are basically the same thing. Same products, same rates, just that the Haven brand is used to deal with brokers.

Anyone here used them or got any opinions?

It’s only relatively recent that AIB have stopped dealing with brokers so you may find it difficult to find opinions on Haven. For what it’s worth even though they are meant to be one and the same, they are not, and I don’t think you can count on rates and other factors being constant over time.

Would you rather be one of minority of small customers in Haven, or part of a large body in AIB? I ask because in the event something unforeseen happens (rate rise, sell off of Haven) you may find yourself disadvantaged. Personally, I’d go with AIB itself. They appear to be a soft touch and probably prone to government, and thus the mob’s, pressure. All things that could work to your advantage in the future.

I went through a broker, and they very quickly told us that no bank but haven would touch us with a 20 ft pole. I got kind of suspicious after a while that they had basically just gone to haven and hadn’t bothered trying anyone else. I’m now talking to bank of ireland so we’ll see…

Don’t know anything about them but the name screams Sub Prime to me. Is there any reason you wouldn’t go directly to AIB if everything is the same but the branding? Why are you tied to this broker? Are you paying the broker a fee? If you’re not paying them, somebody else is, and he who pays the piper…

They’re not sub prime. A good broker will obtain a range of offers for you, assuming there is nothing too peculiar about your case. I would agree that in the absence of a good explanation any broker pushing one specific offer should be treated with caution. There are a range of disclosures that brokers must make in terms of who they work with, this should be made available to you.

At a guess, 23rdbuchan either appreciates the services the broker is providing perhaps because his application isn’t 100% straightforward; or else having found the broker useful and competent he/she would like to reward them with their business, rather than ditch them for a vanilla application to AIB.

Haven (unfortunate connotations of sub-prime) were/are are the mortgage arm of the EBS,they were not sub-prime though Was supposed to close on an apt in 2007-2008 with them as mortgage providers but backed out…

Thank you Propertypin

My situation is straightforward I think. Liked the idea of broker because this is their bread and butter, had heard nightmares about dealing direct with banks, and they would try multiple lenders. I don’t have the time to be running around.

Broker was up front at the start, said they deal with haven, KBC, and a couple of others but that their experience on the ground was that only haven and KBC were really lending. They were also up front about fees… 200 up front to go and get the approval then 300 only if drawn down. So I am in for 200.

Said haven would probably be easier as I am an AIB customer already and they would have access to my accounts and statements internally, and are likely to offer the highest amount. This is what transpired.

I guess I was looking for any personal anecdotes here.

been approved for about 50k more with Haven than 3 other banks… also their approval in principal lasts 6 months rather than 3 with the others

why we think are they so much more lax than other banks ?
lining up to screw you in the long run ?

been told they are AIB / EBS new mortgage arm. but what does that actually mean, when EBS and AIB are actually doing mortgages still anyway ?


Apologies for going off topic, but just for information purposes - AIB and EBS mortgage approval lasts for 6 months also.