Any reason for properties to be missing in the PPR database?

What is the reason behind properties not appearing the in the

Another question: if I am getting a new house (builder’s finish) but I am not being charged VAT, does this mean that the builder sold the house to himself (from his Ltd company) and he, at some point, paid VAT for it?

Still not much transparency in the market.

There is a recent thread from someone asking why his property was missing. There was speculation that his solicitor had not paid the stamp duty. A solicitor Pinster pooh-oohed this as “these things don’t happen any more”. It turned that the solicitor had not paid the stamp :smiley:

Will try and find the thread.

Edit: here is is

Just broaden your search. Often properties are misspelt, categorised as being in a different (wrong area), etc. If this doesn’t work, then it is very possible that it has not been sold within the period that the PPR database covers. Also the point above re: solicitor not paying stamp duty could be relevant.

On a side note, I have noticed that sales to embassies do not appear, although I stand to be corrected.

Interesting; I presume embassies don’t pay stamp and may not even have to submit stamping docs to Revenue at all. So maybe they just fall through the net that way.

Property was sold in 2010. I will try to search for all properties sold in that year in that village and see if I have any luck.

It appears ‘country’ solicitors are very sparing with addresses input to the database. Often they just put the name of a townland. Is this to disguise the identity of the property sold?

It is a possibility, yes. I inquired about one particular home recently acquired by an embassy, to which a PSR representative responded with the following:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

All of the information which we received from the Revenue Commissioners is
included on the register. I will pass on the details to the Revenue to see
if there’s a issue at their end.



Of course, the property never ended up in the database regardless and so I assume that no embassy purchases appear.

no conspiracy here I’m afraid - the townland is the address…