Any thoughts?


Any thoughts? I like the sound of a 100ft garden… … re/1246348

Big garden, small (and expensive) house

Small fixer upper for half mill.


Not so sure. SCD. Rear access (for my classic collection). OK address. Bargain at 400 as looks like total refurb not required immediately. Not for me, but I can see it selling quickly.

I have no idea why that would sell quickly, there are better places available. 550 is a heck of a lot of money in a market where hardly anyone can get a mortgage and not that many people have cash to scoop up all the repos.

The recent sale agreeds for anything which looks like relative value in SCD says otherwise. Last idiots getting off the fence? Maybe - but they are there.

Garden looks nice, but maybe a bit narrow. One of the bedrooms is very small at 2.5m X 2.4m - even with a single bed, there’d not be much room for anything else.
Price seems too high but I don’t know enough about the current market in Dublin to say by how much.