Any way to post in Excel tables?

This has probably been asked but but is there any way to post in Excel tables cleanly, with the boxes and alignment intact, etc?

Use a google document with a link.

I done that before but doesn’t really have the same impact as a table you can see in the thread!

Not that I know of. There’s a way to enable tables in phpBB, but the powers-that-be would have to do it. Then you would have to find a way to massage your Excel output into the right format (with macros or some nifty regular expression in TextPad or some such).

In the past I’ve gotten Excel to just format columns as fixed width (using string functions) and pasted them into code blocks which give fixed-width fonts:

Pretendy table item 1 €9,624.00 Pretendy table item 2 €12,687.00 Pretendy table item 3 PRICELESS

Or screenshot it and post on (I’m sure I wrote something ages ago that lets you capture with Windows Snipping tool, post straight from clipboard to imgur, and receive image URL back to clipboard, all in one mouse click):