Anybody every advertise on daft?

I want to take out an ad on daft and I don’t like the fact that you must pay a premium rate number if you need to contact them. Also I don’t like the way they only accept credit cards and require you to cancel your ad rather than pay for 1 months of advertisement .
Basically they take your credit card details and subscribe you indefinitely. You must send them a letter at a specific time to cancel the “subscription” otherwise you are in for another month. Also your letter must arrive 1 month before the subscription is up. Not exactly very convenient considering you won’t know 1 month in advance if you have got a buyer/tenant etc.
It means daft will get an extra months subscription out of you than you actually need.
Their business model is a lot like aggressive companies I came across in the UK. Some companies make it as difficult as possible for you to unsubscribe so they screw you week after week etc. I’m not saying daft are like this I am just saying their subscription model has a lot in common.
Anyway I just wanted to know how all this works in practice before I decide whether to place an ad.

Hi BB. You can place an ad on Daft and just use your username and password to deactivate it yourself,if you no longer need to advertise. If you deactivate the ad yourself you do not need to write to them or ring them. You can also use laser to pay aswell as credit cards.

If you place a for sale ad it will go ‘live’ for a year. A rental ad will go live for 30 days. But even after you deactivate it it remains on your account for another 30 days so if anything goes wrong you can just reactivate it.

Also try to renew the ad everyday to keep it towards the top of the list or on the first page of search results

Letting a room only costs a €2 premium text message.

Thanks Lads. :smiley:

Let us know when you put up the ad (and what it is) so we can…ummmm… critique it. :smiley:

COOL! 8)