anyone else feeling the pressure?

we have to move at the end of jan and we had hoped to have bought at this stage. Nothing that fits the bill has come up yet. We’ve made offers on several so-so houses but we’ve been outbid as we didnt want to go higher for a house that only ticks some of the boxes. I’m getting really worried now though. Prices are rising significantly higher than our ability to save.

anyone else feeling the pressure? I know its a bubble, I know all the panic and the hysteria but that doesnt help me house my small children in the area we want to live in. Rentals in SCD are not suitable for long term family life in my experience. I know there are a few of us here who are renting but actively looking to buy. Have you any plans?

Sorry, I’m out


Good luck with the move and new job theJackal.

Pressure could ratchet up further if today’s CSO figures show increases and the media hop all over it.

Prices fell 0.2% in October last year so even if prices are flat this month, the year on year increase will increase. Papers will focus on that

No pressure - as the years go by I feel less and less inclined to buy.

Thanks. Been packing all week. It’s amazing how much junk you build up over the years!

When you say nothing fits the bill, do you mean none of the stock on the market right now meets your requirements or those that do meet your requirements are out of your price range.
Our experience was that it just took a long time to find the right house and only for my downright refusal to bid against ourselves (on a house that nobody else was bidding on) we could have bought what would have in hindsight been the wrong house. In the darkness of not being able to find the right house we were prepared to accept some of its deficiencies provided we got it below a certain price but the vendor thankfully wouldn’t budge. I guess the message is don’t rush to compromise.
A big part of the problem is that most of the stock coming on the market is Executors Sales followed by occasional Developer or BTL liquidations and next to nothing is in ‘Walk In’ condition, or certainly not Family Home Walk In. How long have you been looking?

CSO October index is out

Dublin House prices are 48.2% lower than at their highest level in April 2007 (rose by 2.0% in the month of October 2013 and were 14.6% higher compared to a year earlier)

I’m in a similar but different boat, living in a house we’ve “owned” in Dublin 15 for ten years, now with about zero equity and kids about 4 years from secondary school age.

We’d always planned to move somewhere a bit posher once the madness had died down but this is now looking unlikely as anywhere nice heads north of 800k. We’re basically first time buyers with the first 250k at tracker rates.

There are some changes in catchment areas as new schools are being built so we’ll probably see how that works out and make a decision in about 2 years time.

In the meantime it’s nice to live in a place where our neighbours are lovely, the kids are happy and doing well in school and the mortgage is only a grand a month, and I’m not really sure that south Dublin offers us half a million quid of lifestyle improvement, but we’ll see.

Both. There is only one house on the market at the moment but it is just outside of our max budget. I suspect more will come on next year but by then even the most compromised will be out of our budget the way things are going.

Have been looking for over two years and not looking for walk in condition. Habitable will suffice.

This property market… gonna cost me a lot of money in therapy, if nothing else.

Maybe it’s just one of the compromises of living in Ireland is that you have to live in substandard housing. Everywhere in the world has it’s pros and cons.

Thank god we have the weather, fine cuisine, and excellent public services to compensate :angry:

it certainly is, well in comparison with the US, Canada and NZ anyway. 4 bed + houses in Ireland weren`t what we built too many of during the boom

Not feeling any pressure to buy, but definitely feeling pressure to escape from renting. Which has the same end result, I guess. Currently having to pay massive money to rent a family home in Dublin. Unfortunately we’ve had to be quite active in the rental market over the last few years (thanks, landlords returning from abroad!) and I’m staggered by how much the rental market has changed in that time and the quality of what is on offer. When we moved last time, the only places in our (increased) budget were the same quality as what I stayed in with the lads when I was at college.

I don’t want to feel that buying is even an option, but more and more it feels that way.

I don’t feel the pressure any more. I’ve just completely bowed out. I’ll look again in 2-3 years. If there’s the same crap then I won’t be living in Dublin, which may not be a bad thing either.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just one day decide to buy a house, look up some properties, find a good fit, get a serviceable mortgage and move on. That, in my mind, is a properly functioning domestic property market (of course there will be outliers) and anything other than that is dysfunctional. None of your bad timing, time to sell, time to buy blah blah blah

But I’m just a crazy dreamer

I’m a bit like Wannabe. Have decided to enjoy the rental life. No pressure. I can see nervousness and frantic activity and realise that there will be a nice, gentle reward to just sit back. I have convinced myself to hold my nerve and not bother searching AT ALL. The Pin has become an intellectual stimulation rather than an obsession.

2 years from now will be a delight. It will be a buyers’ market in terms of both price and choice. (Although I do feel genuine, genuine sympathy for the delusional sellers who will hold out in the first half of next year and regret for the next 5-10 years.)

Poor Quango! Maybe we should have got into therapy as a profession. There must be a healthy niche in Property Therapy. XD

Outside Dublin. Been renting a 2 bed Flat for 10 years. Paying 5k annual rent. Have money in banks earning 1.1% (variable) net. Comfortable cash buyer. Looks like a no-brainer.

The recent price rises seem illogical to me but there you go. Feel for people in Dublin with young families and wondering if they should take the plunge.

I have been thinking of emigrating. I’ve essentially given up on politicians in Ireland - I really hate to say that. I used to castigate people for saying “shure they’re all the same”, but can’t do so with any conviction anymore.

Need to make some decisions.

Yes, very tempted. Been sitting on the side lines for over ten years now saying I will wait. Still waiting, still paying rent. Half of me is saying, do it now, the other half is saying keep waiting.

I live in an estate I like and in an area I like, near family and near my son’s friends. It would be cheap enough to buy now there as its west side and hasn’t risen as much. Had thought a few years ago that I would move to somewhere “nicer” nearby or nearer town but I am not prepared to pay an extra 100k for the privilege. It’s not really worth it.