Anyone Else NOT get paid this morning

Hi had a text from a buddy in a Semi state NO ONE got paid it appears to be a SEPA issue anyone else effected

Must check if Mrs Retail got paid…

Again? Bloody hell, how much testing did de banks do? Not much it appears…

I work for a large multinational which pays out our salary at time T every month. For the past 3 months or so it’s been T+1 day until I see anything lodged.

Bank of Ireland to AN Other now seems to take the same or longer than before SEPA, I’ve had transactions take 3-4 days. PoS transactions sometime take a week to appear on my account. I know of several BoI customers who have noticed similar. To the customer behavior appears inconsistent.

KBC transfers are quite quick, same day if before noon, next day if after - very rarely does this not happen.

I would expect monthly payroll to run next week in my case.

I work for a big multi. Since SEPA went in, I still get paid on the right day but not until late in the Afternoon. Strange how it is only wages that are slow. All the old direct debits I had set up going out like nothing has happened.

ALL my DD’s set up to go out 4th of month - 4 of 6 show on 4th, other two show on 5th for some reason.

From speaking to banks their records update 3 times during the day, hence why some stuff only shows later.

Working for a large multi. Had a few next days or late afternoon for a few months when the SEPA went in but last few months it’s been payment in by early morning on the right day.

According to the buddy this was confined to one large Semi State an issue with the Clearing bank all will be paid by end of today

I wrote about this before.
Really f**king annoying from my perspective, as I move money from my client account to landlords and tenants daily.

Delays make it appear I’m slow with payments.

I’ve also noticed transferring money from my current account to my credit card can take a week.

From the Dept of Ed and Skills:

“Salaries due for payment on Thursday 30th October 2014 have been lodged to bank accounts on Friday 24th October, one week earlier than they were due for lodgement. This is due to an incorrect date having been included in the Electronic Fund Transfer file submitted to the Bank.”

This was taken from a notice put out by Dept of Ed. No indication that there were complaints.

That was taken off them a couple of years ago

Er, and they got it back, no?

The OP and other preceding posts are clearly talking about cases of payments not showing up or showing up late. The quoted Dept of Ed and Skills statement refers to a completely different scenario that appears to have occurred on the same day. The adoption of SEPA by banks and their large clients has not gone smoothly and there have been multiple cases of different sorts of errors happening on an on-going basis.