Anyone hear Brendan Burgess on RTE at lunchtime?

Did anyone hear Brendan Burgess on RTE’s Saturday lunchtime news review show today?

My God that man is obnoxious. He spent the first 10 minutes ranting on about how he is ‘happy’ that the banks are moving to repossess houses. Now I happen to think that an increase in repossessions is a necessary step to sorting out the banking and property market mess in this country but does seeing my fellow citizens lose their homes make me happy? Of course not. Being a well adjusted adult, I don’t take pleasure in the misery of others.

Brendan also had a run in with our friend George Mourdant from Clonmel on the same show. It is well worth listening back to it when it becomes available on the RTE website.

discussed a bit earlier today on here

I think your putting a bit of spin on the first 10 minutes…to say he’s ‘happy’ that ‘fellow citizens lose their homes’ is a misrepresentation of what he said and is taking his piece out of context.
He was up against George Mordaunt and let rip at him, and I for one am happy to see the debt forgiveness industry get pulled up when in the media, rather than get the free ride they’ve been enjoying for the past couple of years.

I can’t believe I agree with Burgess!!

Burgess is a complete shill for the banks on the way up and during the crash. That doesn’t mean he is wrong about repossessions. It just means he is not completely wrong every time. Many will need too have a long soak in the bath too wash off the stench of burgenomics.

Fair play to Burgess on this occasion. Sometimes he’s the only one nowadays talking any sense.

‘Misery’ - for suggesting that indebted people down size from their trophy homes? Oh the humanity

Too right,seem all RTE meeja people seem to say is that debt fotrgiveness needs to happen and if a few chancers get away with getting their loans written off,well thats just the price we ALL have to pay.

It makes my fucking blood boil to hear that shite.

Good man Brendan for pulling them up good and hard on it.

Ross Maguire of New Beginnings on Marion Finnucane just gave an example of BORROWERS unrealistic expectation.
Person has a mortgage in excess of €1m and no income coming in and no payments being made to the bank.The Bank has offered to leave the family in the home for a year I presume mortgage free, whilst they try and sort out alternative living arrangements. Maguire thought this was fair BUT the borrower thought it unreasonable and told bank to PFO.

Nearly fell off my high horse when I heard him say that.

just to add a bit of further detail to the above. The above is an actual case that Maguire is dealing with…at the end of the yr, the mortgage holder has to vacate the house but will have the 1m debt written off entirely. But they think they can get a better deal than this :imp:

Fiarplay? Fairplay? Do you know what that words means?

Would we be happy to to see Beverly Copper Flynn lecture people on the pitfalls undeclared off shore accounts?
Woudl it be beneficial to allow Padraig Flynn head up a multiple housing owners support agency?
Would it get bums on seats if we rose form the dead Liam Lawlor to give guest lectures to planning students at UCD?
Would it be useful if Bertie addressed the nations on how to live day to day without a bank account in these tough times?
Woudl it be cool if Seanie Fitz where to head a Banking sector and reform panel?

… I’ll let pinsters come up with more examples because I’m not about to spoil my Sunday by watching this cognitive-car-crash, on the pin.

I have very serious doubts about New Beginnings’ claims about stuff like this. It reminds me of the old Neo-Con trick of saying something so often that eventually it becomes true in people’s minds, even if it’s not true.

New Beginning have been saying a lot recently that people are quietly getting write-downs - I think they think that if they keep saying it it might build enough critical mass so that it does start happening. But I have my doubts they are making as much progress as they say.


Was it ever going to be any other way?


The whole thing has been a macabre grotesque. The perpetrators via the media and other agencies are picking over it’s own immorality and debasement of humanity using perhaps extreme scenario (relative to the ordinary person/listener).

So why not fall prey to a bit of media baiting.

I’ll tell you why.

So you do not forget your power of compassion and it’s healing ability and powers to resort balance.

The clue for me is when faced with the spectre-of-debt-forgiveness-largess (used as misdirection of your own power), places many reactions to my mind well and truly in the ball park of fear.

We need someone inside a bank who knows to put it straight. Anyone?

Wow Burgess caused all those too?

How would it cost to rent a 1M eur house? 25-50k a year? Not a bad deal!

Curious… in a rush and hindsight I see “examples of the absurd” would have made it clear my point, but it should be clear enough.

I am in no doubt of my core point. That the failure of imagination that caused this problem will equally fail to provide restorative solutions, especially left to it’s own devices more or less.

I find his damascene conversion just a bit convenient and insincere.

He is just building his brand, his askaboutnomoney web site probably not getting the coverage it once did. He is probably angling for the role of Customer Advocate Director (An tAdvocat Directail Customeract) in the soon to be newly created quango An Bord Repossessionail Overseeact.

Would you agreea his timing leaves more than a lot to be desired generally speaking and what class of contrarian is he? :angry:

A miserable contrarian in the context.