Anyone here work in PR?

I have seen a couple of posts suggesting we issue press statements and would like opinions on the following from some PR people :

How easy is it to get the meedja to pick up on press statements?

Would it be a good idea to issue press statments at all from a forum such as ours, would it stimulate a debate form the VIs or would they merely try and discredit us?

Should they be fomr individual posters as how would we arrive at a “Pin” position?

I thought our position was we had no unified position?

We’re not a lobby group/interest group, so what would be the purpose of the releases?

We can easily put together some of the facts and figures and draw a conclusion that we could easily all agree on. Some of the figures point to a glaringly obvious conclusion and completely and directly contradict some of the vested interests comments.

I think it wouldnt be too hard to get the press to take notice. See how house hunters have more than once taken things from Irish property watch. Also the press have taken things said here and on the old thread and printed them.

With any press release, the name of the group is important. I.e the property pinsters or the muffin men wouldnt really work. However Soma and his “Irish Property Watch” is pretty good.

Someone also came up with a suggestion for this before, something along the lines of an organisation that sounds like a vested interest but spewing out bearish warnings etc ya know to stir things up!

And on that note do we have any people who have studied Economics?

Don’t worry lads, there’ll be many an “expert” to put forward our view before too long.

Does that sound somewhat cynical? :open_mouth:

This sounds like an interesting idea. I think the best thing to do to start would be to turn the front page into a blog which a couple of pinners could post to. The forum is great for chat but it doesn’t exude professionalism.

I think a lot of the success of Soma site is his choice to publish figures as a blog with some commentary attached. The fact any joe shmoe can comment without registering is also good for getting people involved who could not be bothered to register.

If there were some figures we could track and publish, maybe a combination of daftwatch, IPW and a few others we could set that up as an index for people to follow?

the pin is not a lobby , merely a collection of disparate individuals . It should not issue any press releases …especially seeing as half its ‘work’ is the deconstruction of lies and guff and spin ( aka PR) by our finance and property industries as regurgimatated by our lazy and moronic ( in many cases) free press.

But feel free to talk about starting a lobby or writing such a press release here!!! :wink:

what about 'no glee’and press releases

deconstruction of press releases that would get an FTB into trouble if they believe the hype …I can go along with that . Blindjustice does a lot of that …were he to supply sources for each graphic then maybe.

I agree that the Pin is not a lobby group, but at the same time it might be no harm to consider issuing some sort of response to reports that contain obvious errors, inconsistencies, opinions in glaring contradiction of undisputed facts.

An “opinion” release might be welcomed by lazy journalists seeking to fill a column and might get huge publicity for the Pin, but (a) is that the role of the Pin, and (b) would it be easy to get any sort of consensus opinion ?

It might be a bit late in the day for the “alternative” viewpoint
but what harm can it do. At least take any opportunity to nail a VI’s
blatant lies when you see them. Just avoid sweeping statements like
all property prices will drop by 30% before year end. I don’t think
this place has far to drop.

One problem might be who is saying it.
A statement could be prepared (jointly) and polled and released as
“85% of The Property Pin members agree that …”

Else release it as “Open Window from The Property Pin argues that…”

ah lads, seriously,

next thing you’l be wanting are swanky offices in the ifsc with blonde pa and a swashbuckling stride…

no, let things speak for themselves.
By all means have a contact point or reference person that media can contact, but do not actively seek this as it will ruin the inherent value of your opinion, you will be a VI yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, we might be slightly getting up our own arses here.

Press releases are a bit much, but if we provide a good supply of commentary backed up with facts and historical precedent we will be adding a lot to the debate.

well i can finally get around to finishing cobbling together the full integrated site that i offered to do back on the birth of TPP to open window if ya’ll (and OW want)


A)Provide a sticky dedicated to press releases
b)Much like mr cockrane on, create a dedicated thread for each press release
C)All and sundry can post thier own thoughts on such releases
D)Inform hacks/press etc of such

Cause you can lead a horse to water…

Agree with above point. I think what sets this site apart, especially for those of us with a lesser knowledge of the finer points of economic theory, is that it is, to my mind anyway, the honest opinion of a group of knowledgable people not bound together by ideological/political/professional ties (or am I being naive in believing that??). Once a decision is made to issue press releases etc it becomes a collective organisation of sorts and as stated above, a VI for the opposition as it were.
Also, what happens if/when the economic predictions of the members of the site come to pass and they are credited with having “talked us into a recession” etc. not an implausible scenario. The first time anyone of the members is seen to benefit by acquiring a property or somesuch at the bottom end of the market it is media material.
Roll on the Property Pin Tribunal investigation into how swathes of South Dublin were acquired by a large number of members of the same website…well you get my meaning!

There is no need to issue press releases, program researchers & journalists already look here for inspiration. Anyone given any thought to creating a WIKI though that would explain the terminology and unravel the myths “rent is dead money”, “property always goes up” etc.

Are we not getting well ahead of ourselves here. We could be walking into a minefield. Great to be able to express an opinion and if you are wrong people will correct you and there’s no problem. But express an opinion in a press release and get it wrong and the whole credibility of the PIN is out the window, and from a legal viewpoint where do we stand. We all have different opinions and no one opinion to suit all which is what makes the forum. What if some don’t agree with the information in the press release? How to do express their views? This will only cause a row and a split followed by a splinter group and so on!! All messy stuff. A good enough job is currently being done and if journalists and various media are quoting from the PIN then that says it all. Best to stand back and continue the way we are by watching and commenting on how the VI’s will get themselves out of this one and not become one of them.

Although I wouldn’t mind one of those offices in the IFSC……

Ah but release facts and they cant be disputed. Its all about spin, the VIs are merely presenting facts in such a way or leaving out facts etc. I would be 100% confident that their counter arguments could be used as toilet roll.

Anyway its a bit late in the game for this sort of thing. A year ago maybe.
A lobby group? What would we be lobbying for anyway? A crash? - that would be perverse!!

I would like to see some “press releases” highlighting the tactics that are being used by new developments to “hide” price falls.

I don’t know how thepropertypin could release a press release but it would be interesting to get in contact with some journalists.