Anyone know of a Art Deco house in Ranalagh

Somewhere on or off Sandford Road?
I’m sure I saw it featured in a property supplement a few years back, I think The Sunday Times, the interior been totally restored in Art Deco style and it belonged to some film director.
My husband is from the area and doesn’t know the house, he thinks it’s a figment of my overactive imagination. Is he right? :open_mouth:

Try this site,

If it’s a listed structure it should be on it.

There is a terrace of houses in Ranelagh village which might be you are referring to. They are beside Sandford Park school gates (same side) heading towards Clonskeagh. I think there are about 8 of them.

If I’m thinking of the ones you are referring to Chemistry, they are not Art Deco.

There are a few in Clonskeagh, one for sale here … FXYR402517

One was for rent on Merton Drive in Ranelagh, but I can’t find cached pages to see for myself. I’m sure there are a few actually but couldn’t begin to remember where. There is the block of flats down behind the triangle which might be art deco, it’s been a while since I went down there.

Thanks Jellybelly
I saw that one for sale alright, it’s lovely
There are loads on the Howth Road in Raheny, 3 of them for sale, a few on the Stillorgan Road, a few in Templeogue, a few in Clontarf and some on Killiney Hill Road.
That’s all I know in Dublin. Well apart from loads of corpo flats but I’m not going to be buying those.I would love one but the only ones I could afford are in Raheny which wouldn’t suit me :frowning:

Something like this … ??? :wink: … QINA396738

Show this to your husband to prove you’re not insane: … &encType=1

I used to live around the corner and would pass this house regularly trying to negotiate the one-way system. I’m a big fan of deco too but I can’t find anything on the interior.

I’m off to buy a lotto ticket NOW!

That could well be it, thanks. I would love to see inside, do you think they’d mind if I knocked on the door and asked for a nose around? … t=0&page=1

Here’s the article, no photos unfortunately. … ty/720523/

A few photos there.

I’ve a funny feeling you could soon be in the market for a high end rental in Ranalagh :wink:

Viewings are free arn’t they?

I can’t believe you found the article BrendanG, thanks so much, I have it bookmarked to show my husband later :stuck_out_tongue:

4k a month rent :open_mouth: I’d expect the grass to be cut for that price!
I see in that article it was guiding 975k in Sept 2003, probably be about the same if it was sold now.

Now available for €3,000 a

The estate agent isn’t too well up on his schools of architecture - nor was I but - going by the Sunday Times it’s a

What makes it Art Deco? Why is that good?

From MyHome it’s hard to figure out what the outside is and the inside has hints of art deco kind of like the way the family cat has hints of tiger.

Some of the interior is Art Deoc’ish. Art deco is a style some like it, some hate it, some are meh. I kind of like it, the house I live in (built 1940) has a number of art deco features e.g. different windows, curved walls and some of the original interior is still in place like the hanging uplighters and coloured glass panels .

I usually associate Art Deco with Chrysler Building etc. - i.e. a bit flamboyant , 20’s style

Bauhaus can look really well though for modern, medium sized homes without to much fussy detailing IMHO