Anyone know what Galway City gaffs are selling for nowadays?

Other than at the public auctions, the results of which are generally posted in the O Donnellan and Joyce thread, does anybody have any idea as to what properties in Galway City have recently fetched (since, let’s say, the New Year)?

Feel free to PM me in confidence, if you prefer. Any info you divulge will not be further divulged without your permission.

So, if you have recently sold, or if your neighbour, relative, colleague, EA has given you any update recently in relation to another property, please feel free to share it here.

I would love to know too. Asking prices seem to have come down, finally, but I’d be interested to know if they bear any relation to actual selling prices.

Not Galway City but…

I have been looking closely at the Oranmore/ Claregalway prices in the last few months.

This week 3 properties were sale agreed in Claregalway by Keane, Mahony and Smith:
111 Riveroaks: 4 Bed Semi <1100sq Ft (Asking Price: 190K)
Riveroaks: 3 Bed Semi <1200 sq ft (Asking Price: 145K)
19 Churchview 3 Bed Semi <1100 Sq ft (Asking Price: 160K)

KMS will not give out sale agreed prices, but said all went sale agreed between 135K and 142K.

They also said that a 4 bed detached in Cuirt na hAbhainn, Claregalway for 190K.
And they just put up a 4 bed detached in Oranglen in Oranmore today on for 230K asking.

No. 4 Cuirt Na hAbhain has been on Mullerys books since mid March this year
Its a 4 bed detached 1400 sqft; think it has been Nama’d!! and have so far had a best offer of 195K, not yet accepted!!! I find this difficult to believe!

Yvonne Sweeny had sale agreed on the following in Oranmore in April this year:

13 Oranhill Road: 4 Bed Detached, 1900 sq ft:asking 289K; sale agreed 282K

9 The Glen, Oranhill: 4 Bed Semi, <1400 sq ft:asking 275K; sale agreed 229K

Still a huge difference between Oranmore and Claregalway asking prices in the estates!!

Wow, that an Oranmore semi went sale agreed for 229k… - I’d have thought 100k less might be more its current worth!

Very interesting!

Have just looked at the two Oranmore sale agreed properties ( you mention and am amazed they went sale agreed for so much. In fact, even the detached property probably fetched more than a similar house would in a good Galway City suburb.

Clearly, Oranmore Is Different.