Anyone know what the average time on the market?

Need a guideline to know how long it takes a house to sell these times.

Market is north Dublin city.

Friend sold in past fortnight. Ex-Corpo house in older part of Finglas. Executor’s sale. House on market 10 months. Began asking 230k. Dropped and dropped, but behind the market. Agreed at 145k.

I don’t think your ever going to get an answer to that question. It’s too broad. You’ll need to think about variables such as location, condition, initial price, price drops etc

I think Daft used to have a look at this but I couldn’t see it in the last property report… Maybe Ronan has some info on his blog albeit a little historical at this stage…

Myhat would have that info I think. Not sure what he charges for it though.

Varies greatly I would think - appartments seem to sitting there forever and a day - very slow indeed.
Family homes (priced right) are selling in a matter of weeks.
Larger properties (at the in-denial price) sit there indefinitely too.
I would doubt an average would be very useful unless it is at least broken down by appartments/houses and number of bedrooms?

Price* it right and it will sell. In the time it takes to advertise, carry out a few viewings, negotiate offers, get all of the paperwork in order and sign contracts 10-12 weeks.

We did this, albeit, in Galway city.

  • get your price ahead of the curve or forget about it track the age of Daft listings (from Aug 07).

Actually I rent and the house I inhabit is going on the market. This is just one more variable in the list of unknown unknowns I am currently dealing with in my life. Because of some of the other unknowns I am not positioned to make an offer for it.


@Duplex - thanks - I appreciated it. I didn’t know they graphed that info on that site.

Me and my assumptions eh?! :blush:

The law needs to be changed to let a part 4 tenancy continue in the event of a house sale. None of this crap about moving relations in either.

@ Calina, is he/she throwing you out?

I have conflicting feelings here. I don’t think that tenants should really be at the mercy of their landlords deciding on a whim to sell their houses. But this has its roots in the fact that for about 6 years, capital appreciation (and therefore trading) of houses was the profit generator, rather than rental income. That freedom, to some extent, is abused.

So yeah, I think it should cease to be a factor allowing termination of a Part VI along with its older brother “want the house for family relative”.

Against that, I do think that the landlord should have some scope to sell if, for example, he needs to liquidate for whatever reason.

I’ve long felt that the rental market was heading for a giant mess as people started having to liquidate losses. I know there’s an argument for reduced rents courtesy of supply issues but…if you’re a tenant, you don’t really want to be living life on the edge of the residential sales market.

@bob3367 - strictly speaking no. I do not want to go into the details other than I have been advised that the house will be put on the market in the next month or so and I am protected obviously by what’s sitting in RTA2004. Really I just want to try and get a feel for when I could possibly expect to have to consider moving, all other things remaining equal. I guess a lot depends on the asking price put on the house compared to other similar properties currently on sale in that respect.

In general, I would have considered moving immediately because this does remove a certain amount of stability from my life but out of other considerations, this is unfortunately not really an option right now. 3 or 4 months however would make a significant difference and it may be possible that I have that.

Ok my advice, would be to ask him some very honest questions, judging by the way you post here, you should be very capable of doing that.

See what his answers are, not in writing face to face… from what you have said on this forum you are happy where you are, explain that, mind don’t be a fool either, to him/her… if you were one of my tenants, and you treated the property with respect… I would think that you deserve that at least… I wouldnt be letting you go either… but

It’s really not a great time for the landlord to go to market - the season is pretty much over and not a lot happens over the summer months, so he/she would probably be better off waiting for September anyway? (Unless of course this is a forced sale and there is no choice).

This is not the first time I’ve had a rental sold while I was living in it. However, I have to comment that on this occasion, it is the most reasonable that I have found dealing with a selling landlord. On that front, I have no complaints. In some respects, I am just somewhat unlucky with the turn of events. As I rent, I’m aware that this risk exists. Timing wise, a lot depends on the asking price and the estate agent hasn’t been here yet.