Anyone looking/selling in Dublin north city?

We are just about to put our house on the market and trying to decide between estate agents. Any feedback on estate agents in the Phibsboro/Drumcondra area much appreciated.

We are looking to buy close to this area, have been attending viewings for over 6 months now.

Gunne seem ok - middle of the road valuations and seem to sell well in our area of choice. Always lots of viewers @ each viewing.
DNG - over value the properties, regularly we are the only ones at the viewings and property stalls on the market, price reduced then might sell. Hate when I see a good house come up with them!!
The Property Shop - have only come accross these once but the EA was nice to deal with and seemed straight talking (well as much as one can be!!!) Asking price was lower than I would have expected but bit of a bidding war emerged - might be purposely lower asking price.
GWD - middle of the road valuations and seem to sell well. Have heard it said its difficult to arrange viewings with these guys but I have never had a problem.


Thanks Winnie. Gunne are one of our front runners so that is good to know. Any experience with Sherry Fitz?

Haven’t been to view any properties with Sherry Fitz - they don’t seem to be too active in our chosen area so can’t say sorry.
Best of luck with your sale.

Meant to say Gunne have been ok about ringing re updates etc, could be a little better but they are one of the most active I would say. They give the sales patter good o but sure thats the job (bit annoying after 6 months tho). We were recently viewing a house with them and I asked were any houses coming on shortly. EA told me he did a valuation on one but he wasn’t sure if it would come on the market as the seller was apalled by the valuation. Sure enough I got a phone call today from different EA telling me about the same house coming up for sale, not being advertised and the price was laughable. I won’t even bother making an appointment to view it.

Hi Flea,

I am looking in that area, do you want to give me some info on size, how many bedroom , Location , Price range.


I used Sherry Fitz, Drumcondra, to sell my house last summer. Sold in 2 months. If you go with them, insist on Sarah. I didn’t take to her initially but she was great, far superior to any of the men in the office. Kept in touch every few days, gave feedback on and from the viewers, requested further information for the viewers when she needed it. Very professional.

+1 sherry fitz drumcondra

barry odriscoll as a buyer best agent we have dealt with, if i was selling he would be the guy id give it too. constant updates on new properties and price changes and doesnt get upset with low offers. majority of agents dont do this so when you get one who does??? always loads of people at his viewing whom all seem very friendly with him and his properties doesnt seem to linger too long on the market

avoid masons/gwd/wilson moore

gunnes a bit too professional and loathe to accept they got price wrong

I used GWD to sell my house last year. Left all of the decisions up to me and gave me little or no guidance on appropriate prices. After 4 months on the market and little or no activity I dropped the price and sold very fast. Got the feeling that GWD would have left me langushing for ages. Only went with them because I saw loads of houses with him when I bought my house in 04 but then the market was on a sharp upward curve and it was childs play to sell houses. Would not get them again.

my sympathies, i imagine they werent tooo slow claiming their fee

i wonder was it one of the houses i rang about to arrange a viewing and was my enquiry was never returned. their listings on myhome and daft are a complete joke the majority of them have only one picture

Viewed a lot around the area last year and from a buyers point of view, for what it’s worth:
GWD - steer clear. Very unprofessional: Hard or impossible to set up viewings, get the impression he doesn’t like his work.

Mason - Siobhan Foley was good, in my opinion. Would hire myself if selling. Always on time, had plenty of info in her head about the seller and property. Followed up calls and was easy to speak to - a good EA, knew how to sell.

SherryFitz - Valuations seem a bit high (Well, I suppose most EAs valuations do!). Didn’t warm to Barry as he seemed uninterested and didn’t know much about the two or three different properties I viewed. Sarah was very good though - regular updates on what was coming up, knew plenty about each property, was very patient and pleasant. May seem a bit quiet, but she knows her stuff, can’t fault her at all.

DNG - Did not get proper professional service from these guys as a potential buyer. No call backs, late for viewings, no-show for one viewing. Would avoid.

Paul Lappin in Lappin estates is good, no messing.

Thanks everyone - very useful. Decision made!

Ditto !!